Arm roast

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pc farmer

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Feb 17, 2013
Central Pa
My with wants hot roast beef sandwiches.

I went to the freezer and found a arm roast.

Got it seasoned with spog.

Going on the mini tomorrow around noon.

Think I will foil at 140 with beef broth.

Its my first so any comments are welcome.

Wish me luck.
Arm shoulder roast is a good cut except muscles right around the bone.  But, it should be mighty tasty!
I want to pull it.  Will it all pull good?  Whats wrong with the meat around the bone?
I want to pull it.  Will it all pull good?  Whats wrong with the meat around the bone?
Yes, it should, it is a lean roast but get it up to 200° or better to pull.  Nothing is "wrong" with the meat around the bone, just that, by virtue of being attached to the bone it is more ligamentious with connective tissue holding it to the bone and likewise tougher.  You can see a 'cord' of ligaments to the lower right of the bone.

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Thanks Pops.

I put it on at noon and IT of the meat is 150 already.
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