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    I really appreciate the feedback on the chorizo, I made a batch yesterday of pork, cure #1, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic, nutmeg, and merlot wine. I smoked it for an hour with hickory and finished it off in the oven to 156 degrees internal temp. It came out excellent! It smelled so good in the oven that I had to have one on a bun right then. I had to finish it off in the oven as the smoker wouldn't get up high enough to finish it off due to the outside temp being only 15 deg F! I chose to smoke it and finish it because I figured the smoke flavor would complement the style perfectly, which it seems to have. I know the real sausage in Argentina is a raw product, which is grilled, but I chose to try it this way. The recipe is as follows:

    12 lbs pork shoulder lean

    3 lbs fat trimmings

    3.5 tsp Cure # 1

    6tbs Salt

    10 Tbs Paprika

    12 large cloves garlic minced very fine

    2.5 cups Merlot wine

    2tbs nutmeg

    Grind meat through large plate, mix all salts and spices with the wine and then add to the ground meat, mix well.

    Stuff into 36 mm casings, I tied mine up with twine, smoke heavy 1 hour with hickory, finish baking in oven or smoker with no smoke to internal temp of 156 deg F. cool immediatly in cold water, hang in cool place to dry.

    It seems that there are many ways to build these sausages, mine turned out great, thanks to all for the feedback, Tony
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    Well this all sounds good but as we say here on SMF


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    Yeah....... all that.........

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