Apple Bacon Smoked Pork Tenderloin

Discussion in 'Pork' started by dcrosby007, Mar 4, 2016.

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    I read many ideas on a Pork tenderloin from length of cooking times, smoker temps, type chips to use & when to pull... I took a variety of ideas & condensed it down when I made this smoke... I cheated a little bit & bought a preseason pork loin from the grocery store... So it already came topped with minced apples, bacon & spices... I added Cracker Barrel bacon on the top to help preserve moisture... I let the pork loin sit outside on a cold rack while running my smoker up to 255 degrees... Once this temp mark was reached I adjusted my cooking temp to 235 degrees & I put the pork loin in the smoker in the middle rack position & then I set up my probe for a to be pulled temp of 145 degrees & started the timer... I contemplated wood chips & finally went with Apple & added them right after putting the pork loin inside... Smoker stayed in a 240-225 degree range & I added chips every 35 minutes... When the pull alarm went off at 145 degrees I should have checked the temp with my Therma pen before pulling because after I let it rest for 3 minutes covered up I found the temps in areas to be 135-138 degrees in areas... So to prevent being done issues I used the microwave for 2 minutes & it made me feel better after rechecking the temp... Overall cook time in smoker was 1 hr & 45 minutes... Another thing I didn't do was check the weight but again I was not worried about all that or a specific cook time I was more focused on the temp I decided I would pull the pork loin out at... Even though I lost a little from the microwave cook it still came out pretty moist & flavorful... I am thinking next time I will allot myself a little more cooking time with smoke & adjust the cooking temp to 225... Overall this was the first attempt & it came out good so Thanks to all that submitted ideas in varies forums on this site for helping me...

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    It sure looks good from here.

    I usually pull mine out at 140, and rest under foil for 30 -45 minutes. The carryover cooking will get it to 145. I like to see some pink in the loin.

    Yours looks very tender & juicy. 

    Great job!

    POINTS for a successful first attempt!

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    Thanks a bunch!!! 
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    I agree with Al on the pull temp, but that's just a matter of individual taste--whether you want the meat pink or not.

    Yours looks real nice and it doesn't look like you lost much moisture in the nuke.  It still looks pretty juicy


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