Another try

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Oct 4, 2012
Bend Oregon
Here we go. Target temp is going to be 183. Cook time 1.5 hours.


More to come.

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Okay, the Sous vide may be the best way to cook whole artichokes. Just plain whole chokes. Nothing added to the bag. I was a bit disappointed that the color wasn't bright green like others have claimed when Sous Vide cooking them. I think they cheated and added a little help into the bag. As with most things I do I wanted to do the unadulterated version first so I can test against it.

In my research 183-185 was the recommended temp. Times varied from 30-90 minutes.some halved some whole. I went with 183 and 90 minutes. For the most part the choke was done. Another 30 minutes would have been perfect.

2 hours is longer than steaming or boiling, but the texture was definitely better.

With that here's the pics. Chokes, always a good way to eat butter.





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I'm with you on the veggie thing with SV.

Brussel sprouts & corn on the cob are both killer good!

Interesting and tasty, I'm sure. We likes 'em Stuffed around here...JJ
Never tasted an Artichoke, though they have them at the groceries. I'm going to give it a go.
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