Another Picnic vs Butt thread plus ????

Discussion in 'Pork' started by ecto1, Apr 21, 2010.

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    Ok I picked up about 8 picnic roasts @ $.65 the other day and am going to smoke one this weekend for my sons 5th birthday party. I was going to do one butt one picnic and mix the meat but there will only be about 10 adults and these are some monster picnics all close to 9 pounds a few over 10. I have about four butts under my belt and so far the results have been fabulous thanks to all the help here on the forum. When I cook this picnic I expect very simular results but I have a few questions....First do I need to trim the skin that is on one side of the picnic, will a picnic take longer to get to pulling tamp than a same sized butt, is there less fat in a picnic which would lead itself to being a drier piece of meat (not a big quastion because I will foil between 165-175), and finaly will there be a big flavor or texture difference in the pulled pork. I know some here do not like picnics and some like them better so I should get lots of advice on this.
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    I trimmed the skin off my picnic, but don't really know what the ideal is. I found there wasn't a big difference when I smoked them both the same way. I did them on separate weekends with very similar results, even with times and tenderness.

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