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May 5, 2007
standing over the pit- kentucky
where y'all been all my life.... i'm a bbq conniseur(thats an eatin' man fer ya cookin' folk),been doing caterings for about 15 yrs.,cooking on offshore oilfield boats & commercial fishing boats for over 25(yeah the age- we own vessels-was my job to cook from age 13 & my grammy was 1 of the best), a texas native now living in the driest part of kentucky(blew my mind too). about to get really serious in state & national competitions & festivals, i am also a music writer & performer(mostly blues & rock/countrifried texas chili music), and a charter gulf of mexico big game fisherman. glad to be a part of what seems a great family around here. i will post some forums & recipes..and also working on a distributorship for what i consider to be the best spices in the country, just don't ask for my secret recipes- the dog would kill me lol. anyway, happy to be here. p.s. the only thing i use sauce on is maybe pork ribs or chicken & thats a recipe i swam back from hawaii with.i only use wood & maybe charcoal. hank hill may be the propane king but he ain't from my town & ain't welcome @ my house lol (it's a jk.) p.s.s. no beans in yer chili......
Hello and Welcome Gypsyseagod.

Might be just me but I never would have expected a dry county in Kentucky!
Looking forward to your ideas ...
me either, but evidently there are i think 16 (except for the city of bowling green- where the vettes are built), but yeah, no booze in most south central counties- unless ya count stills & amish doctors.. but ya can find a moblie meth lab &/or marijuana field behind every tobacco plant it seems or so i read from the police blotter... go figger
hello and welcom, im shure youll find some interesting recipies here and be a valued member of this site,
What no JD?!!! ive seen your state is dry but I'm shure theres ways around that sort of stuff, a sip of JD is a must have now:-) do they sell the wood for grilling there?
ty & lol btw jd is tennessee, the closest place for beer south of here is dumas walker's(yes of the kentucky headhunters fame), the othe rcloses liquor store is in bowling green,ky- home of the only corvette factory - so i do survive - great music around and yes i will share recipes & as my business increases add more ( the only bbq joints around here are only open 2-3 days a week) how do you make money... thanks for the welcome & i will do my best to be an asset to this site. if you know of festivals or competitions or just want to talk good food don't hesitate to message or mail. yeah wood- i can chop mesquite, hickory white oak,or cedar on my land- i have to buy mesquite by chunks or in charcoal which is a ripoff as it's a "scrub brush"weed" @ home in texas...
p.s. no jd- i'm a rum man.... honey brown or killian's red for marinating meat- bacardi gold for marinating the cook. a lil' side note- i have cooked in hawaii,texas,minnesota,philly,florida,texas,mexico ,and louisianna- it's not just about bbq- ya can cook anything over an open fire and if yer really interested ya can check out the king ranch camp cook competition ( they do these all over the southwest)- chuckwagon over a fire style camp cooking contests - great fun & test your real talent w/ just a dutch oven..
Interestingly enough, the county here in Tennessee where JD is made is a dry county as well. Go figure.
Are you serious?

I lived in a dry county once in Zion, Illinois but with a name like Zion I wasn't surprised. Cheap rents there.
Thankfully you could go down the road to North Chicogo and party hardy!
i do believe it - lots of amish/mennonite & well hell just plain hicks in so ky & no tn- p.s. btw - that fish pic i just put up- thats blacktip shark.. great on the grill - i don't kill what i don't eat & i don't eat what i don't kill.... well,,,,,,,hope ya love the pics i will soon send - i got catch & kill pics most of my cook pics are still in texass limbo- but we'll get some up
Yes'm, unfortunately I am. Tennessee is Bible Belt country, and as such there are several counties that are dry. Thankfully, Nashville isn't..
Welcome to SMF gypsyseagod!!! One good thing about them "dry" counties is that they are where some of the best drinks come from. I've heard anyway.
Welcome to SMF gypsyseagod!!! One good thing about them "dry" counties is that they are where some of the best drinks come from. I've heard anyway.
welcome to smf, the best smoking meat forums on the net. i don't think i could move out of texas, lol. i gotta have mesquite to smoke with.
Gee I've heard stories all my life about the Tennesse corn whiskey and mountain stills and just never expected dry counties down there. Can you at least brew your own beer? Or is that illegal? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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