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Original poster
Dec 2, 2006
Sydney ,Aus
Hey all, greetings from Sydney Australia.....Ive caught the smoking bug from the BBQ cook off shows we've had here the last year or so. We've experimented with the grill, slow cooking at the opposite end to the fire with hickory thrown on for smoke, and its always come out good. Ive got some
Volgelzang fittings coming to make a smoker out of 2 55 gallon drums, and was wondering what everyones opinion of that set up is?
The other question I have is about using charcoal for the majority of the heat.We're a bit short on the right woods for smoking down here.You can buy whats probably a half gallon bag of it for about $15, but that wont go very far in a large smoker im guessing...So can you use charcoal, and just add a bit of the flavoring wood for taste throughout the cooking process?



Welcome to SMF Dino!!!

We have a member with and a thread about that exact smoker. I'll do some hunting and get a link to the thread.

To answer your question, you can use charcoal and use your wood for flavoring.
Aint got it yet,but its what Im hoping to build... waiting for the kit to arrive, ..cheers
Welcome to the Forum, dino61. Glad to have you on board. Keep us updated on how the build goes. I second ultramag's comment-Charcoal for heat, wood chunks or splits for the flavor.

Welcome to the board dino!

I'm thirding the suggestion that c'coal is OK. Around here it's a tad more expensive, or most of us would probably do the same. The main reason you burn wood is to generate coals.

My first woodburner was designed very similarly to that except it used two air tanks. It was originally built as a shop heater. I rescued it and finished designing and building it. It worked great, but man did it consume fuel.

I'm sure they know their design, but with mine, it would've been way too hot to have the wood planking shelf. I used angle iron and expanded metal. It's alot easier to keep clean too! :lol: :lol:

Let us know how it goes.

hi, yeah the shelf idea sounds like a good one..or I could space it from the barrel an inch or 3....hope the vogelzang stuff isnt much longer, been a month now..
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