Another Masterbuilt gravity cooker customer service postive outcome.

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Jan 18, 2020
We bought the Masterbuilt 560 in Dec 2019 and have done many cooks with it.
Along the way it's needed new door switch/sensors and a new transformer and cord.
Masterbuilt customer service has taken care of those problems even though they happened out of warranty.
This week I did three cooks, two briskets (one was a pastrami) and three racks of baby back ribs.
On each the unit did not want to power up, it would beep, show the normal start up info on the display, then power down.
I was not too happy on the first pastrami brisket as it had been in the brine for a week and I had blocked out time to do the cook.
It came to life after I tried holding the power button down while I turned on the power strip and the cook went as planned.
Second packer cook I had to do the same thing to get it working and again for the rib cook.
All three cooks were completed so today when I was cleaning the grates I decided to contact customer service to see what they had to say.
Thirty minutes after my email to Masterbuilt support I got a reply with some questions on what the display showed and if I heard a barely audible beep.
I replied and about an hour later I got a "case closed" email telling me that they are sending me a new controller!
No charge and WAY out of warranty.
I will have to wait a while for it to ship but I have no complaints.
That’s good to hear, they used to have the best CS, but over the last couple of years it has gone downhill. Glad to hear they are back & keeping true to their customers. I hope you are not an isolated incident & they have changed back to their CS that we have all become used to.
I have heard nothing bud good things about the MB CS. A lot of the issues have been point of contact problems with their FB Message being the go to contact method.
I fired faceplant years ago, I just go to the main website and click on "contact" and fill out the form.
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