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AMNPS in MES30 Australia

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by zott, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. zott

    zott Newbie

    Hello, I am a newbie and struggling with an AMNPS in my MES30 (Aussie model). Advice on where to place it would be a great help. I am struggling a little with keeping it alight and generating enough smoke. Tried it down the bottom but seems to go out.

    I am busily experimenting but was hoping for some quick tips to speed up the process.


    Picture 1

    picture 2

  2.   Place it on the two round rods to the left of your heating element. Make sure your pellets are very dry, may need to microwave them to reduce moisture or warm them in the oven. Make sure it is very well lit. Let it burn for several minutes, then blow out the flame and blow gently on the burning pellets to make sure there is a large "cherry" going on. If not, relight and let it burn more, blow out again and make sure you have a large glowing mass. Then it should stay lit if it's getting enough air. Pull your chip loader out about an inch and a half and also pull your chip tray out an inch or more to promote air flow. Leave your top vent open.

     There are many threads on here about the same problem. Do a search and read some, but a good light and dry pellets fix most problems. It works well in my MES40 and the design is the same as your 30.

  3. zott

    zott Newbie

    Thanks Chuck, I'm progressing. Think I have suffered from moisture but getting on top of that, feel like I need to get the draft sorted. I've been reading a lot of posts but want to make sure I have it down pat before setting to keen. Walk before I run so to speak.
    Thanks Greg
  4. Chuck is dead on with his advice. Also, I have learned to torch light up the pellets a bit more than you believe is adequate and let them burn for a few minutes before extinguishing the flame.  Open the MES lower chip feeder to allow air input during the smoke, open the top vent 100% for air flow.   My personal like, is to fill each side of the AMNPS, then light both ends to get extra smoke.  Maybe use two different woods.  Good Luck!
  5. Here is a good video on to light your AMNPS  Also, make sure your chips are dry, as said previously.

  6. rabbithutch

    rabbithutch Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Good advice given already, but I'd suggest a couple things a bit different.

    First, get yourself a 3" angle for the vent stack. I don't know why, but having the vent turned at 90° at the stack end seems to slow up back drafts.

    Also, experiment with your chip tray position. I started by removing the thing completely and found that my pellets were burning a bit too fast. I then started putting it in but leaving it part way pulled out. I've found that about 2-3" (~50 to 75 mm) works best for me.

    By all means, the best place to put the AMNPS in the MES is on the rods at the lower left of the unit - to the left of the heating element. It also helps to put a tent over the AMNPS if what you are smoking will drip a good bit. Be sure the height of your tent is a good 8-10 inches (200-250 mm) above the pellets to get good air flow. Leave 2 ends open. You can experiment with having the open ends face the door and back of the unit or face the 2 sides. I usually face the open ends toward the incoming air around the chip tray.

    Hope this helps, mate!
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2013
  7. zott

    zott Newbie

    Well today I managed to keep the AMPS burning for 12 hours on my first try at bacon. So I guess that's progress. Still lots to learn but thanks to your help I am starting to get some confidence. Thanks again for your help.

  8. Hi Greg, Once you figure out the AMNPS you'll wonder how you ever got along without one.

    I just received 15 pounds Pecan Pellets from Todd. Todd sent along a note stating that my son and I use so many pellets that we'd be better off buying them in a 40 pound bag and picking them up. Needless to say; between my son and I, we go through a lot of pellets, I'm sure Todd must think I'm selling them on eBay or heating my house with them. ;-)

    Try to dry your pellets when you are pre heating or shutting down your smoker and them store them in sealed jars or Vac Type Bags. When I get my pellets from Todd the moisture runs around 8 to 10 % and I can see dust in the bags but after a few weeks in my storage, I notice the moisture goes way up so I take the pellets out of the bags and store them in Peanut Butter Jars so used Seal A Meal Bags once they are dried. Seems to work for me....

    Glad you got things figured out...

  9. rabbithutch

    rabbithutch Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    We use a lot of flavored soybean whey to make protein shakes mixing it with almond milk. The shake mix comes in wide-mouthed plastic containers that will hold about 4 lbs of pellets. They seal up great. I've not had any problem with moisture getting to the pellets even though the plastic containers stay on the patio with my smokers and grills.
  10. Masterbuilt 20070112 Cold Smoking Kit for Masterbuilt Digital Smokers - I found this side box for the MES on Amazon. Bought it and have used it on chicken, beef and pork.  The smoke flavor from this unit is many times better than the MES internal tray, and does not burn out.  This box should be included with the MES.  My AMNPS has become my backup unit.   Don't let the name fool you, the unit works for hot smoking too.