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  1. Okay so this morning at 7:30 we put 8 1/2 lbs of Summer Sausage (made 9 rolls) hanging on hooks on dowel rods in the smoker.  Used our AMAZEN SMOKER FOR 4 HRS. Started at 120 degrees with no smoke for 1 hr than started raising temp with smoke.  It is now 5:30 pm (10 hrs) temp is at 178 - 180 and IT is at 129.  Is this about right at this rate it will take us till 10:00 pm to finish.  Still have two more batches to do this weekend. LOL.   I did put ECA in the mix also and it is over a water pan.  Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks
  2. well you might have some trouble with the second batch that is waiting to be smoked, the eca will dissolve if left in the meat too long releasing the citric acid too early and it can make your sausage very vinegary, SS can take quite some time in a smoker,

    you can speed up your process by smoking the SS to an IT of 135 degrees and then placing in a hot water bath of 180 degrees  the temp of the water should drop down to around 160, then poach the rest of the way until you reach the IT you are looking for usually 152 is good unless you have pork in there and then some folk like to go to 160

    I forgot to add, you might want to keep the second batch seperate from the first until you can taste it and see if the ECA has sprung it's tangy treat too early
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  3. Thanks for the come back Big Casino,  I only put the ECA in the stuff on the smoker.  I know to only put it in right before stuffing.  So the next batch will get it when I stuff it.  Thanks for the reminder though.  Looks like its going to be a long night.  I plan on putting the second batch on and leaving overnight. 
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    Last SS I made was in 20" long casings. They took 13 hours to get to temp.

    I know Solaryellow does the waterbath thing and said it works great.
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  5. no problem, I thought you had them all stuffed already, glad that you had that thought through.. I have recently pruchased Fermento to use in place of ECA but havent gotten a chance to try it yet, am hoping it doesnt have as many "rules" as ECA

    Good luck with you SS
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  7. I have made many batches of summer sausage and all have been done in 10 to 11 hrs.  I start at 120 w/ no smoke for an hour. Raise the temp to about 150 with smoke for 5 hours then raise the temp to 180-200 until I get an IT of 155.  I have a gas smoker and controlling the temp is fairly easy.
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    Come on mamma where is the qview

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