Alder Smoked Turkey Some assembly required

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by porknography, May 17, 2015.

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    So I did a 20 lb enhanced Turkey.
    I used a standard rub recipe. With some enhancments.

    Now I did multiply this rub x4 and added:
    1 Tbs Sriracha powder
    2 Tsp Ground Rosemary
    2 Tsp Cumin
    At this ratio. So adjust accordingly.

    Even with the already pre salt brined injected store Turkey I still used the recipe with the salt include and it didn't turn out salty, even my salt hating wife loves it.

    So onward Start with thawed Turkey, remove backbone and thighs And Spatchcock the breast. Rub with oil I used corn oil, apply rub liberally, rub under skin and outside, but most of you already knew that. Throw back in fridge for at least 12 hours, I do 24 if possible.

    I used Traeger Alder pellets in Amnps MES 30 260 F took around 6 hours your results will vary. So far best Turkey I have done, I was very impressed with the flavor the Alder put into the meat.

    So there she is oh I pulled it when IT was 165-170 thighs and breast were done at the same time. Super juicy no dry bird here.

    Hands down best bird I've done to date. Also if you have the time or inclination make the sauce in the Bobby Flay recipe link I posted above its amazing on chicken likely the same on Turkey also. The taste of the rub and smoke alone are great without it though.
    Happy Smoking!
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    Hey , nice looking Chicken and thanks for the Recipe.

  3. porknography

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    Thanks, hope you like it. Even without the additional ingredients, on chicken it's a house favorite. The least favorite part of it is reducing the sauce with the hot vinegar burning your eyes and making the house smell. The end result is well well worth it though. IMHO. 😁

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