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Aging meet in the 3 foot chest freezer.


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So I think I’ve got this figured out. Well, maybe it’s only been a few days be it's heading in the right direction

There is a link to everything I am using below.

From everything I’ve read, you need to keep the humidity between 50% and 85%, which is hard to do in a chest freezer.
The best investment I’ve made as buying the SensorPush wireless thermometer and hydrometer. The nice thing about the SensorPush is it gives you an average over an hour a week or a month. The hour is helpfull because it anyone point the humidity can be 95% or75%. The humidity is going to increase or decrease depending on if the freezer is cooling down or is shut off. Seeing the average gives you an indication of what is happening over a longer period. The other thing nice is that it is wireless; I can check the temperature and the humidity on my phone without opening the lid

I bought a 40-pound bag of salt pellets at Lowe’s and dumped the whole bag in the bottom of the chest freezer. The meat sits in a wire rack that sits in a sheet pan. I filled the sheet pan with kosher salt.

In the freezer, I have a fan that circulates the air — another essential factor in the process I have read. I also have a small air purifier that emits UV – C light. If I would’ve bought the fan now, I would have purchased the fan that is powered off a USB cable. The UV – C light purifier has a USB hub on the back, I could’ve powered the fan from the purifier.

The freezer is controlled by a temperature gauge. It seems to be dead on. There are several good ones out there. Mine is rather old, but the new InkBird temperature controllers have good reviews. And they’re cheaper than the one I have.

I have a 16 pound top loin prime in the freezer. It’s been in there since The 18th. For the first few days, the humidity averaged 86.7%. I noticed today that it just dropped down below 85%. I’m assuming it’s going to continue to drop as the meet ages.

If this works, I am going to figure out how to hang the meat in the freezer. This will eliminate the sheet pan and rack and allow me to dry age more meat at a time.


Muffin Fan
amazon" style="max-width:120px">
SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer
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USB Muffin Fan,
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Inkbird Temperature Controller

Germ Guardian Air Purifier,

Salt Pellets

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