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Aging a Simple Way Possible?


Smoke Blower
Joined Sep 19, 2011
Ok Folks my hygrometer is on its way along with the fan I will be putting in my old school mini-fridge. Yes I have an old school small fridge, it’s bigger than a newer model mini-style, which I am happy about(cleaned and sanitized naturally). It seems to wander a couple of degrees from night to day.....not sure why....maybe because empty?? ( need some mass?)

I am going to go about this the simple (K.I.S.S.) method because for one right now I am not physically able to build an appliance heavy system like some of you have( as cool as it is).
I want a tray of salt slurry, a fan, and a probe.....that’s all folks! I don’t want to worry about things breaking or checking on them etc etc etc. I tried to search for simple build threads but did not come up with much.

I know my target temp will be around *37 and 75-80% RH but my main question is how do I make the slurry??? Is it a ballpark thing, Salt and distilled water until the RH is correct in the chamber? Or do one of you guys have it down to a science already?

I’m sure I will have more questions......
Will add pics later as well......

I have a 17.25# Choice Ribeye will carve a few steaks out of and then the remaining chunk will age in the newly christened “Meat Fridge”. It does not have a great fat cap, so I’m worried about it not being a prime candidate for aging.

Any input will be happily received!! So fire away if you have any pearls of wisdom for this first time meat dry ager (wanna be??:-)

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