Added mailbox. Smoke is not thin nor blue

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Jun 17, 2021
So I took of the ammo box mod so I could lower the temp if I wanted to by putting distance between the pellets/chips and the smoker.

I will be doing some sealing of the door, some holes in the mailbox, and the junctions from the mailbox to the smoker.

It is a lot of smoke (Kingsford pellets in a tube). Seems a bit much to me.

Any thoughts?


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Look for pure (100%) fruitwood pellets to get the best tasting smoke.
A tray filled with sawdust instead of a tube gives a lighter smoke also.
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I don't see an exhaust. Did I miss it?

I figure they designed it for the doors to leak for expenses. Other than that there's this hole.

My thought is to seal the door and add some type of vent on top. Looking for ideas.


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You are going to need a dedicated exhaust. Otherwise it's just gonna fill up with thick,white,acrid smoke. Maybe cut a hole in the top and add a butterfly damper or a short stack. You are starved for airflow. Pellets and the mailbox aren't your problem

Been thinking about those ideas.
Especially a stack, but I can't find parts for putting one in.
Why not put a hole in the roof and add an adjuster similar to what Ringer is showing? Yes for a tray instead of a tube for this application.
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If your smoker lives outside without a roof put it on the side so water can’t get in easy, otherwise top would be fine if no wires there is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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