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  1. I was trying to duplicate Japanese steak house white sauce last night. We were making chicken stir fry. I wasn't pleased with how it tatsed so I went rogue. Its not really like the white sauce but it was damn good. I thought I would share it. I was dipping pretzels in it all night. I bet it would also work really well for tuna salad or tuna melts if you add some lemon juice.

    1 cup mayo

    1/4 cup Dijon mustard

    3-4 dashes soy sauce

    A few drops of hot sauce

    TSP sugar

    TSP salt

    TSP chipotle powder

    TSP pepper

    dash of garlic powder

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    Is that why you were slurring your words on the phone last nite LOL sounds good man
  3. I think the slurring was from the gut full of strong beer and the fact that I was freezing my tail off on the porch. My hands were frozen when we hung up.
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    Well the sauce sounds good enough to try. You have given me a good review so I'm gonna give it a shot. I'm looking for more sauces to use for the catering buss.
  5. Mark I think you could find a lot of uses for it, I think it would work well as a salad dressing. I'm going to try it as a substitute for plain mayo on maybe a roast beef or turkey sandwich. Let me know what you think if you try it. [​IMG]
  6. That's kind of a bastardized remolade sauce.  Good stuff.  There are two varieties, white like the one you made and a red one with the same ingredients that has a little ketchup, or tomato sauce thrown in.  The classic has some capers and chopped up pickles in it, but that's optional.  That makes a kick-a$$ sauce to dip fried or boiled seafood in. 
  7. Yeah thats about the closest thing I could compare it to. I just started fooling around and kept tasting until I really liked it.

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    Add a lil wasabi powder to that recipe and see what you think.
  9. Its great as is but I think adding a little more heat to it would be good. Wasabi powder would do the trick. When remoulade was mentioned it gave me another idea. I do these fried grouper bites and usually serve them with a store bought remoulade sauce but this would be even better.
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    It may have miso in it. The teriyaki places use a miso sauce/dressing.  Seasoned rice vinegar might give it a little nudge, too.  just guessing, here. Does your steak place sell it by the bottle, or would they sell you some if you brought in a container, or just give you some on the side?  Easier to reverse engineer with a good sample to work from.  Cheers!  
  11. They may sell it I've never asked but they sure as hell won't tell me whats in it. I was figuring Sake or rice wine vinegar were probably in there but I didn't have either on hand. Even if I didn't get what I wanted I discovered a sauce I love in the process.

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    WAIT A MINUTE!! did you just say "store bought remoulade sauce"!!!???!!!   really. you know better.
  13.  at me I'm Sandra Lee! [​IMG]
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  15. Today I'm going to make something revolting for under ten dollars and cap it off with a very silly cocktail!
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    oh, DAMN! you so win. LMAO even more! 
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    When I first read this I thought you had said you were going to make a very slutty cocktail [​IMG]   Works either way [​IMG]

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