A smoker for camping?

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Jun 21, 2014
Does anyone have a RV and a smoker that they take with them? I'd like to get a smoker for traveling (my Smoke Daddy vertical is too big) but I have some questions. First, what about the smell? Once you smoke it in you can't just "clean" it out 100% (that would be un-fun as well) and I don't want to put something in my rig that will make it smell bad. Does anyone have a smoker that is reasonably sized and can be cleaned or something?

I've seen a small Oklahoma Joe's charcoal smoker that may work, size wize, and it's small enough to be easy to clean. But small charcoal smokers are hard to regulate. Anyone have any ideas? I'm also open to strange contraptions that maybe would hook up to your fire, the campsite grill, whatever. My goal is a smoker that's not too hard to use, can cook a couple racks of ribs, and can be cleaned out so it doesn't stink my RV up when put away for a month or two. Any ideas?
Can't say I have ever smelt a bad smoker, I suppose it could happen if leftover food was not removed. Large Contractor garbage bag is all we ever did with our grill. Cargo rack on rear of camper to carry ? Lot of ways to work around it.
Weber makes a 14 inch version of their Smokey Mountain. Easy smoker to use and you get the hang of it, it is pretty much a set it and forget it. You could use it as a grill in a pinch as well. Disassembles into three pieces (plus grates). Might be worth a look.
Here's my shitty thread lol

Have you looked at one of these? It is a perfect little portable pellet for camping. It will get hot enough to sear steaks
Just check with places you are going to. Some do not allow smokers. I do not store my grill or pizza oven in the rig. It'll draw critters. I take them out when I'm not camping. What type of rig do you have?
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My 14.5" has been to a few Louden tailgates.Even a couple of Maiden tailgates when the venue permitted.

If you have an electric hookup at your site you may wish to look into the Smokin-It Sydney Camper smoker.
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Low and slow with a small charcoal grill?
It's possible. I haven't had a chance to try it with this yet.

But I think it can be done. Charcoals snake style with a tube smoker. Down side. This thing is heavy!
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I think I'd go with either a 14" WSM or an 18" kettle. Both are porcelain coated so they can be easily washed and both can be broken down to take up less room when traveling.

I am with this guys and vote for the Mini WSM (homemade one) ...
Mini wsm. I take it all the time in the RV

Could not agree more, it is compact enough it doesn’t take up a lot of room and is a great cooker! Every time we camp, it’s the first thing packed!

It's the most versatile, fuel conserving, set it and forget it (almost). grill/smoker out thehre IMO...

NO modifications have to be made to the weber so it still can be used as a grill... The smoker part ( 32 qt steamer pot) is where the mods/build are ...

I use mine in RV and also take with me to different gatherings/functions/parties''

You have a motorhome or travel trailer ? Either way I would/do not leave it in the RV ...
I use a Smokin-It #1 for camping. I can easily do three racks of ribs cut in half in it. I transport it in the back of my pickup and don't notice any odors. A garbage sack would contain any odors.
Smokin-It also has a smaller smoker, "Sydney Camper Smoker", but it only has 2 racks instead of the three the #1 has.
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