A Pair Of Spares Beats A Full House!

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Sep 12, 2009
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I had a buddy of mine come down from the mountains yesterday, and he likes "Fall Off The Bone", and so does Mrs Bear.

I'm leaning that way myself lately, so what the hey!

I usually cut them into St Louis cut, but I figured if I'm going to make them Fall Off The Bone, why bother.

So it was rinse, dry, remove membrane, coat with yellow mustard, coat with rub, wrap in plastic wrap & fridge over night.

Next day pre-heat to 250˚, put ribs in MES 40, one on top shelf, one on second shelf.

Fill outside rows on an AMNS, and light both ends.

Put AMNS on bars to the left of the chip drawer.

Cut heat back to 230˚

After 2 1/2 hours, pull both racks, foil each with 4 ounces of Apple Juice, and put back in (switched positions in smoker).

Note: I decided on "2.5-2.5-1", because when I use 3-2-1, I never get Fall Off The Bone.

After 2 1/2 hours in foil, pull, unwrap, coat lightly with sauce, and return to smoker (switching positions again).

Remove from smoker after 6 hours, cut, take pictures, and serve.

Everyone loved these----Even Me !!!!!

Thanks for looking,


A nice pair:


Coat with yellow mustard:


Ready for night-night:


One sliced, one under:


Bottom one also sliced:


My second and third ribs:




That's All Folks!
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Those look good Bear, but They would look a lot better sitting in front of me on the table...LOL
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Real Tasty looking!!

 Nice pics!!

Those look good Bear, but They would look a lot better sitting in front of me on the table...LOL
Then I wouldn't get any!

Be better if you were here helping to consume!


Those some good looking spares.  My wife loves those melt in your mouth type ribs.

They did come out really good, considering I got lazy & didn't trim them to St Louis, and I didn't trim hardly any fat off.

And now I wrote a very short post---Not a very good step by step.

I had a lot of trouble holding my temp steady. I think the wind was effecting it.

I agree with you Bear.  Especially when doing 3-2-1, I leave the extra meat on.  Actually, I almost always leave the extra meat on even though I don't get quite all the membrane off that way.

Great looking ribs, bye the way!

Good luck and good smoking.
Hey Paul, you and I need to do a road trip to PA and see if we can take him up on the free meal.

Great looking ribs Bear
great pics......those look delicious and I'm sure they were.....nicely done and thanks for the details on how you did it.....we rookies are always eager to learn  
Nice job Bear. Thanks for the tutorial. I am going to pay more attention to your cooking techniques 'cause your food looks sooo good. That's the way my bride likes them ribs. They will be goin' in the smoker in a few hours. 
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