A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker Sized For Mailbox

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Jul 18, 2012
Houston, Texas

I am requesting that you manufacture a version of your A-MAZE-N pellet smoker with dimensions specifically sized for a mailbox.

I have a 5" x 8" version that works perfectly in my mailbox mod. I hate that I have that extra space in my mailbox that I could be using for more smoke time; if I only had a longer pellet smoker. I know that there are at least 2 sizes of boxes. I think most people are using the standard size box.

I am aware that you have the tubes available, but I really like my tray version.

Are there any other members that would like a tray version specifically sized for our mailboxes?
My AMNPS will provide 10+ hours of smoke in my MB mod.... I think that is plenty of smoke.... When cold smoking bacon, for instance, smoke on, smoke off is what is recommended... works for me... 10 hours on..... 14 hours off.... perfect cold smoked bacon..
If you bought 2 AMNPS , you could cut the ends and have a friend TIG weld them together...
Dave, I'm not getting 10 + hours of smoke time here in Houston. I'll do my next burn next week to see how long it is. I'm only approximately 43' above sea level here. I'm guessing you are a lot higher with less oxygen level. I know there are some variables, but that may be why you're getting 10 + hours of smoke. I need a couple of more hours of smoke time.
Victor, I am at nearly the exact same sea level as you, and I have found that there are a few variables when using the AMNPS. For instance, dryness of the pellets, type of wood, ambient temperature, humidity level, etc. I have gotten as little as 8 hrs, and as much as 14 hours from the same batch of pellets, but the difference was between Summer and Winter. Obviously, if it is warmer, the pellets are going to burn a little faster. I'm guessing it's a little warmer and dryer in Houston than it is in Seattle?

That said, maybe a 5" x 12" AMNPS isn't a bad idea, but I'm not sure there would be enough mailbox modders to support it.
In Houston, Tx. on 01/19/14 the temperature was a low of 40, and a high of 69, with a humidity level of 49%.

I was only able to get 7.5 hours of smoke from my AMNPS in my mailbox mod using cherry pellets.

The door on my box was slightly cracked for air intake to the tune of 1/8" around the top of the box.

I'll decrease the air intake more, and try to get more smoke time.

I just don't see me getting 10+ hours of smoke.

But, I'll keep trying.
Are they burning completely to just a little bit of ash, or are they charring and leaving the pellet mostly intact? If the latter, then there is too much oxygen getting to them. I've had that happen too, and had to adjust.
The pellets are burning completely with just a small amount of ash. I'll damper the oxygen more to try and get more burn time. But, I just don't think that I am going to be lucky enough to get 10+ hours like some of the other fellas. I'll keep trying.
If you cut the air, you could have incomplete combustion and create creosote...... All white ash is what you are looking for..... burn time vary... could be the type of pellets, humidity or who knows... Dave
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