A long time in the making but it’s finally done

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Aug 5, 2020
Started out about 4 years ago wanting to have my own cooker. My Aunt and Uncle have catered many cooks on their custom built smoker that my uncle and friends built from an old boiler, so after 3 years of me have most of what it was going to take to build it, he offered to do it for me. We went over plans and calculators, and he said, build the damn thing the way you want to and learn to cook on it. So I did. I don’t have measurements as far as the firebox size etc., but am determined it will turn out a great product in the end. Started with a 500 and a 250 gl propane tank, ( I work for an Ag Co., so got a good deal on failed tanks).
I must also thank my 16 year old nephew that did some welding, and also a pipe fitter friend of my uncles fitting the tanks together. Also a shout out to the millwright crew that I work with that got some extra things done for me. They will eat well!
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Great looking setup. Looks like it will serve you for years. Please let us know how it works for you and post pics
of your cooks. Congrats!
Heck of a build! Look forward to seeing it in use!

Holy cow that thing is a beast! Cant wait to see it rolling smoke and what comes out of it.
Nice work! Love the integration of the furnace door on the firebox.

You have really tweaked my interest. How 'bout a few more photos of the horizontal section.

Tell us a bit more how it is configured. I see two stacks but am assuming the top portion of the vertical section is separately fired? So is the horizontal section through flow vs. reverse flow? I see an air intake on the trailer tongue end, what's that one for?
Here are some more pics. The vertical part is fired solely by the firebox below diffuser plate. The horizontal part is fired mainly by the I-Beam in the back, but can also be fired by the firebox in the vertical. (Don’t know how that will work, but figured it was similar to a reverse flow). The opening to the horizontal is adjustable.
The racks in the vertical are removable and are 29”, the bottom racks in the horizontal are 24”X35, and the top racks are 21”X25”
Firebox is 29”X21” tall.
I am debating on cutting a hole in the vertical at the top of the horizontal and adding tuning plates to be able to use it as a reverse flow. ( figure I need to figure what I have out first)!
The vent in the front is the only one in the horizontal, but may need to add a couple under the I-Beam.


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Here is a pic of my fathers 250 build from my Uncle, as well as the huge cooker that my Uncle built and catered with for years. He has since retired, and sold his “big“ cooker. He and his son still have smaller ones that are made from the same boiler plate.


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