a little sausage making

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Jul 19, 2013
I thought I would share my sausage day. First I made some brats. Here is the gear used

Then we cut up the pork butt.

The mixing the brat seasoning

Packed the stuffer

Then the magic happened

Thanks for looking everyone. I made Chorizo also but should thought I should start a new threads for that
Yep........ Your a sausage maker now. I can tell by the smear of pork fat on the lens of your camera.... LOL  The sausage looks great....
Yes boykjo I have been known to get sausage everywhere. I don't mess with my phone a lot for that very reason
That looks great. I am a sausage newbie and always watching to learn. That's funny about the sausage grease getting everywhere, I can leave a hand print in places I didn't go near! Its like magic!

Great looking sausage.
That bratwurst looks great. As it is your first batch, I would be happy to taste test some for you. Always glad to help.

I use Syracuse casings. Sheep and hog depends on what I am making. I used a brat recipe I found on here. For my spicy brats I use shooter Ricks recipe
You can get them pre-tubed. Those are the ones I use. It helps me load them on my stuffing tube
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