A little pat on the back to the forums for all the learnin I got here.

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Sep 18, 2009
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So Mrs. Mo and the family cooked prime rib and chicken piccata for 300 people this weekend to help the fundraiser for a local Christian School.  That all went well, no smoking just roasting.  But here is the cool part.

We donated a BBQ Picnic for the auction, valued it at $150 and wondered if it would break even.  We sat there and listened as the bid went up to $375!  Wow, three racks of St. Louis spares, potato salad and coleslaw and the Mrs. Nuttela Cheese cake.  

This could not have happened if not for the help and answered questions here by the great big family that we have found.  A very profound THANK YOU! to all that have thrown opinions and suggestions our way.

When we cook this up and serve it out I will post the Pict's.  It should be this next weekend.

Thanks again the the SMF Family.  You truly are the best around!

Rick and Tish Morgan
I will dig out the Nutella...Nuttela...the hazelnut chocolate cheesecake plans as soon as I can get home and PM it too you. It does go out wholesale if you know what I mean.

Imagine eating a cheesecake that is like a giant Ferrero Rocher !

It is a keeper!
That's funny, I was home for lunch when I responded, I thought to myself, "isn't Nuttela spelled with two l's, on my way back to work I met a 'Nutella' delivery truck on the road, ...I doesn't matter how it's spelled, Nuttela or Nutella, it's some good stuff and then combine it with cheesecake, oh la la!

Thanks, I'll be waiting for the PM,

I will dig out the Nutella...Nuttela...
Hey man

First thank you for donating your time and knowledge to your church. Second, that is a great gift. Stop doubting yourself - you rocked this one big time. People dont pay for dinners if they dont think it will be amazing. If you want some sides or appetizers let me know via PM. Congrats to you big time
So this party has gone from the 3 racks we donated to an additional 15 racks purchased! HOLY COW! or pig, i don't know. I really need to get this dang trailer done. What fun this is turning out to be!!!

I will post pictures as it happens.  And I have an accomplice with me this weekend the newbie Fresh Meat (my big brother who is now firmly addicted) is bringing his BBQ to help out and to learn some rib bidness. This will be fun!
I am waiting for my brother to email me the pictures. We cooked 21 racks of ribs, made a gallon of red potato salad, a gallon of carrot salad and two gallons of coleslaw. Then we made two cheesecakes, made with nutella then warm nutella pored over the top and covered with toasted hazelnuts.  I had one of those moments that cause extreme frustration...I had two dozen ABT's and knocked the pan off the counter and...SPLAT! Gone, all cheesy goodness sprayed onto the floor.  That hot flash past and I just made more this morning.

I did find a these coolio boxes at Cash N Carry for to-go containers like oversized Chinese food box, we cut the racks up and stuffed them in and they fit great in the cooler.  We labeled every families name on top and just sat them on a table and they dug into their own when they wanted more. It worked out very well.

So...on the way to the party we made a corner and splash a gallon container of chipotle apricot bbq sauce tipped over and spilled it contents! 

Things were not going the way I wanted at all.  Then, when we got there and handed out the booty, all things went great.  Everyone was happy and shared their ribs with those who had not bought any.  We do have some sides left but the poppers cheesecake and ribs are G-O-N-E...gone! 

What a weekend! I think it is time for a restful weekend next!

I will post picts as soon as I get them.

Thanks for coming by!!
I couldn't wait, I took some of my leftovers, they do no justice to the ribs but in your fertile imaginations picture a box of steaming fresh moist ribs begging to be consumed...


Here is the coolio box thingy...


I hope I can get a picture of the setup soon, the showdown between the Brinkman and the Char Broil offsets...I have to say my brothers CharBroild held temps a lot better than my Brinkman.Not sure why.  I just know I need to get the big build done soon.

Will post more soon! Thanks Again.
Alright here are the pics... First of all I want to give my big brother Pat (Fresh Meat) a lot of credit for driving 5 hours just to come help me cook ribs for people he doesn't know.  His rig is on the right it by far out performed my all day.  Mine is the one that won't hold heat without the furniture pad wrapped around it. The little square brinkman is the popper hopper for all my ABTs.  The big cabinet in the back will someday be the sausage smoker and cold smoker.  10 minutes after we finished cooking everything the rain started coming down in BUCKETS!!! God had mercy on us today!!!





we didnt get any pictures of the ABT's or the cheesecake sorry.  Also didn't double up on taking both rigs cuz they look the same. It seemed silly.
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