A different pig cooker design.

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by gunny r, Aug 26, 2011.

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    2nd version


    1st version


    Both have 3/4 inch pip burners. The older one I used a portable band saw and cut slots every 1/2 inch. The newer one I used a sawzall and cut slots every 1/2 inch.  The temp range of the older one is 200-510,Fahrenheit, the new one's range is 225-610 Fahrenheit. The older cooker uses a 25 lb high pressure regulator with a needle valve. The newer one uses a 10 lb adjustable regulator. so far both are cooking great.

    Yes I saved the best for last..............

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    [​IMG]    Man them are HUGE.. I take it they are specially for whole hog only?? Thats not you all purpose  grill is it?? Do you do THAT much whole hog you got two cookers?? Thats a lot of pig...
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    Very nice. Love me some whole hog !!!
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    Great looking cookers Gunny!
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    That looks fantastic![​IMG]
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    Great Jobs on the cookers, Don!!!

    Very Nice !!!

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    Thanks,  the cookers can hold temps from 225 to over 500 degrees so they can be used for all purpose grills. I have a small grill from a big box store that I used for just the wife and I. I use the big one wehn we have more than 4 people.  Does a great job on chicken, especially with the bone still in. Hamburgers do not burn so they stay moist and juicy. Tkes a little longer to cook but taste better.
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