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Smoke Blower
Original poster
May 26, 2008
Phoenix, AZ 85053
If you were to stock a barbeque store, what is the one item in each of these categories that would be imperative for you to carry? Assuming your item of choosing isn't available in your local HEB, Kroger, Safeway, Giant Food, Fry's, Ralph's, HyVee, Super Target, WallyWorld...you get the idea.

A sauce/mop/or other condiment.

For me, I'm thinkin' QN4U's Clovis, CA style sauce.

Bottled rub.

I haven't tasted many...that's half the reason for this silly exercise! I won a bottle of rub from "The Rub Co.", and it was pretty darned good.

Utensil/accessory/grilling aid--After the Thermapen. That one's a given.

I'm going with a wicked heavy spatula, like the Mundial 8 X 4. That things stout enough to flip a pork butt.


I'd love to pick any of the $55+ knives out there; Victorinox 10" Cimeter or one of the 10" Granton edge carvers. But I'm so happy with the Sam's Club 7" Santokus at under $13/PAIR, I could buy 20 of those for the price of one of these other hot rod cutters! OTOH, If I hit the lottery, Ken Onion would be well represented in my kitchen! But I'd still take my sharp cheapies to competitions!

OK, folks--whaddya think?
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