60 gallon propane tank Smoker with a 25 gallon propane tank firebox. Reverse flow hopefully

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  1. I started out with just the 60 gal tank and made a vertical smoker.  BUT I ended up with poor tasting food, a lot of soot, and going through 30 pounds of propane for 2 smoking sessions of ribs.  So I decided to turn the 60 horizontal. and ad a 25 gallon as the firebox.  For the time being I think I will just make it a wood/charcoal  smoker for this summer.  I have used the calculators here and if they are correct, 30 inches of the 25 gallon cyl. will be plenty of firebox.  Not sure how this will turn out, but I am hopeful it will work.
  2. If anyone has any ideas about this build feel free to comment.  I have not seen anyone use 2 propane tanks yet so I am a little leery of how it will turn out after all this work.

    Thank you.
  3. daveomak

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    Use the entire 25 gal cyl for the FB....


    Well, there is all the math and the drawings on one direction to go..... Figure out what you can and we are here to help....

  4. Thanks Dave.  I plan on using about 34 inches of the 25 gallon tank.  It has already been cut to make a door.  The size of the hole between the tanks I have not measured yet, I was thinking about opening up as much as is possible and putting a damper between the two. Getting the 2 tanks to matchup have been a pain to say the least, but we are almost there.  
  5. daveomak

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    You don't need a damper between the CC and FB..... that can cause problems.....
  6. OK that's good less work.  

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