5 Whole Birds & Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Thighs w/QVIEW

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Smoke Blower
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Sep 18, 2013
Boone, NC
This weekend I'm cooking 5 whole chickens for folks at work. I put them in a 5 gallon food grade bucket today when I got home and mixed up some of Tip's Slaughterhouse Brine. Poured that over top to cover and into the fridge to soak overnight.

Running them at 275 degrees with hickory chunks over Royal Oak lump coal.

Everybody hit 165 IT in center of breast at roughly 3 hours in. Pulled them all off and wrapped up in a hotel size pan to rest for an hour or so. Was pleased with the mahogany color I got from the rub and that good hickory smoke.

For the thighs, I'm using a Steven Raichlen recipe I saw on his show 'Project Smoke'. You start by deboning some skin-on thighs and laying skin side down. Spread some brown mustard on, and layer cheese of your choosing and ham, and fold over. Then, wrap everything up tight in thick cut bacon.

This recipe was a huge hit. Some of the best chicken I've ever cooked. The wife and some neighbors loved it!

Hope everyone had a good weekend, happy smoking!

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Good looking chix all around!  
Thanks guys. Those thighs are a must try. Super easy and done in an hour at 275. Will certainly be on my go-to recipe list for feeding a crowd/parties from now on. The wife has already made a request for a mozzarella/tomato combo stuffing next time. Pics of that are to come, maybe next weekend.
Well I know what I'm doing today with the package of thighs I got thawed. Got a new grill, and also making Uncle Eddies jambalaya fatty, some abt's and bacon wrapped asparagus. Put it thru the paces.
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