5 lbs Brats and 5 lbs Andouille - and - I really, REALLY want an electric stuffer

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May 14, 2016
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JC in GB JC in GB was my Christmas gift exchange partner and he gave me some brat flavors to try. It smelled amazing when I was stuffing it. Blue Ribbon brats from Home Butchering Supplies. Made 5 pounds worth and will give them a try tomorrow.

Also made 5 pounds of andouille using the recipe from Bruce Aidells' Complete Sausage Book. It also smells amazing. These links will hit the smoker in the morning and will be hot smoked.

I had no help cranking these out with my 7 lbs Hakka stuffer.
My birthday is in May...Me wants an electric stuffer!
I will make sure the appropriate parties know this and know it well!

Looking forward to the finished products, especially the andouille! Will you be smoking them with pecan?
Hadn’t thought about pecan. I have it, hickory, mesquite, and apple. Will think on this in the morning. Heavy smoke is required…
They look awesome!

Check out the LEM motorized stuffers.

Love my 20lb.

Will be getting the 10lb for smaller batches/backup
They look great. I never smoked brats but am looking forward to hearing how they turned out. I love Andouille sausage. :emoji_yum:

JC :emoji_cat:
Here is the andouille recipe from Bruce Aidells' Sausage Making Book. I followed the recipe exactly!

The test patties indicate this recipe is excellent for jambalaya or gumbo as a flavoring meat but - IMHO - is to heavy on the garlic to eat as a link or to add to a pasta dish. I used fresh garlic and minced it myself. I plan to cut the mined garlic to 1 tablespoon next batch.

This andouille recipe is the best I have tried (so far). Most recipes I have tried were horribly over the top on black pepper.

Bruce Aidells Andouille Recipe
5lbspork butt
3tablespoonssweet Hungarian paprika
2tablespoonsminced garlic
2tablespoonskosher salt
1tablespoonsfresh ground black pepper
1teaspoonred pepper flakes
0.5teaspoondried thyme
1teaspooncure salt #1 (if hot smoked)

Unfortunately my andouille got overcooked in my smoker and the fat melted. It still tastes great but is not visually appealing when sliced. (The garlicky flavor is less than the test patty but still needs to be cut back a bit). Pretty sure I will smoke in my MES40 but finish using a Sous Vide effective immediately.

Here is the pic after 3 hours, end of smoke.
It looks great to me, and I hope if you do another batch with the SV that you'll fill us in. I haven't used my Anova yet and am planning on andouille being my first SV test. My smoker is the simple Big Chief, so any input is really appreciated.
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