5.8# Bone In Prime Rib w/ q/View!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by joopster, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. joopster

    joopster Smoking Fanatic

    My wife got me a new Weber for Christmas so I wanted to treat her right and do a prime rib roast for Christmas dinner.

    Here is the Weber she got me - 22.5" in red.

    Right now I am breaking it in with a cold smoke - provolone and baby swiss.

    I picked up a bone in prime rib today - can't wait!

    I am open to suggestions as I have never done a bone-in.  The plan right now is to allow for about 5 hours and take to 130-134 and let it rest under foil.

    I also plan to make an au jous to go along with it.  For the rub - basic SPOG - heavy on the pepper.

    Please provide feedback!
  2. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Here's a couple in step by step form. One in a pan & one not in a pan:

    Pretty close to your plan---Use a meat temp probe & pull it when it gets to your temp. ( a few degrees earlier to allow for carry-over)
    *NEW--Smoked Prime Rib (Panned #3)   

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  3. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

  4. joopster

    joopster Smoking Fanatic

    That is a different way of doing things.  I like the idea but I think I am going to do it directly on the smoker for Christmas.  Looked great though!
  5. smokeymose

    smokeymose Master of the Pit

    Looks like we're going to have warm enough weather here in Indiana so you won't freeze your tail off, but you might be fighting rain...
    Personally, I would try one of Bear's methods. Dirtsailor's sounds interesting, but I'm afraid I don't have the $ to spare to experiment with an expensive piece like that!!
    We got what looks like the same thing, but Marsh calls it a "Bone in Rib Roast". (?) I would love to make it in the smoker, but the Mrs. is looking forward to doing it herself. She deserves to have a little fun, too :)
    Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!
  6. rc4u

    rc4u Smoke Blower

    wow regular price for no bone here is $12.99 and I just bought my ordered one with the chine cut off and then boned and retyed....was on sale for $7.99 a pound.. the chine on there IMHO will not add any flavor but does add to cook time.. I have only cooked one that way and the rest chined....and they seem to cook much more even....as that bone takes a lot to heat and the other side is cooking....the butcher or cutter should know how to cut it off and chine it if you want....I do it as it is more meat for the money...Again its just a suggestion not everyone likes it my way...jeff
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  7. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Yup---This is the time to get good prices on Rib Roasts.

    I buy my year's supply of Rib Roast during Christmas week of every year. Monday I got 6 Choice Roasts @ 5 to 6 pounds each @ $6.99.

    I had them cut all the bones off with an extra inch of meat on the bones for a couple super meaty Dino Rib Smokes.

    Then I had two of the Roasts sliced into Steaks, and left the other 4 as Boneless Prime Rib Roasts.

    Now I'm set for the next 12 months.

  8. joopster

    joopster Smoking Fanatic

    I am getting excited.  

    I will be rubbing in worceshalsdkjf sauce, SPOG and stuffing with garlic cloves.

    Chef Jimmy's Au Jus will be made and thickened for more of a gravy - oh boy oh boy!

    I will post pics when I get it prepared for tomorrow!
  9. mneeley490

    mneeley490 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    That is good stuff!!!
  10. one eyed jack

    one eyed jack Master of the Pit

    Hey Joopster,  congratulations on that fine new kettle.  Red grill, red meat = win win as far as I am concerned

    Looking forward to seeing how your Prime Rib turns out.

  11. joopster

    joopster Smoking Fanatic

    Well, the cloves are in the beast.  Rubbed down with SPOG.

    Going on tomorrow around noon for an early dinner.

  12. smokeymose

    smokeymose Master of the Pit

    Looks like they've backed the rain forcast off another day or two, Joopster!
    Good luck; we're all with you (And I'm jealous because I'm not smoking!).

  13. mneeley490

    mneeley490 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Will be watching and waiting....    I will be doing one very similar this weekend. Can't wait to hear how yours turns out.

  14. joopster

    joopster Smoking Fanatic

    I was very excited to get the new Weber broke in - I tried for over an hour to stabilize temperature and I could not do it.

    Part of the issue is that I want to smoke at 200-215, the slower the better.  I think I initially lit too much charcoal and I just couldn't get it to come down in temperature.

    If I was doing a twenty dollar rack of ribs I would manage, but not a $65 hunk of meat.

    Anyhow, here is how it was set up.  I liked the setup but oh well.

    It's on my POW drum smoker now, just put on at 12:20.  At 1:00 I will be adding beef broth to au jus.

    So after messing with the Weber I just switched to my go to, the POW on the right....

    More pics to come!
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  15. smokeymose

    smokeymose Master of the Pit

    Thank goodness you had the drum for a backup! Looks like you're not all that new to cooking, you just need to get used to that pretty new Weber...
    Still looking forward to the Q-View...😊
  16. joopster

    joopster Smoking Fanatic

    No kidding!

    We are rolling now - the wind wasn't my friend and I will have another stab at the weber in the future.

    Can't wait to taste test!
  17. mneeley490

    mneeley490 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    It just takes some practice. My Weber kettle will maintain a steady temp in almost any weather, I've just marveled at how good it does. And we get some pretty good winds here.

    So yeah, PR is not something to practice on. Good luck!
  18. joopster

    joopster Smoking Fanatic

  19. joopster

    joopster Smoking Fanatic

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  20. one eyed jack

    one eyed jack Master of the Pit

    Hey Joop,  the pictures of your end results speak for themselves.  Looks pretty good to me.

    For future reference;  This is how I set up my kettle for low and slow smokes.  Do a search for "the snake method".  The amount of briquettes in this photo will give me at least 6 hours easily controlled, (Not to be confused with "set and forget"), temps of 225* to 250*.  I light about a dozen briquettes in the smaller size Weber chimney and pile them up on the end of the "snake".


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