40lbs of butts and a fatty

Discussion in 'Pork' started by kajun, May 29, 2008.

  1. we having a retirement party at work tommorow for a shipmate that served his country for 20 yrs and he asked me to cook up some pulled pork sammiches and of course i was happy to do it for him.....another coworker is doing the ribs and chicken quarters...and the side dish is a couple of kegs of beer [​IMG] here is some Q-view of what its looking like so far...

  2. seboke

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    Anticipation...... Lookin great so far!!
  3. pineywoods

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    Looks great [​IMG] Tell him Thank You for his service
  4. seaham358

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    Looks like a nice start... Keep them pics coming.
  5. x-factor

    x-factor Fire Starter

    Looking great! Nothing like a full smoker. What do you have up on the rack by the fatty?
  6. supervman

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    Nother question.
    What's with the potatoes holding the thermometers? I think that's what it is. Is this a normal practice? It makes sense to hold them up if they are not in the meat but does the tater give you an accurate reading or does the potato actually make it read a lower heat?
  7. audioxtremes

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    Wow that's a lot of butt.

    Looking good so far. What rub you use?
  8. link

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    Wow that looks great!
  9. sumosmoke

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    The potato is there to hold the probe in place to monitor the temp at meat level. This is the temp that matters when you want to maintain a low heat (220-240). There can be a 5 to 10 degree difference in temp if you are using a gauge mounted in the lid of your smoker vs the probes at meat level.

    Kajun - awesome looking smoke so far. To echo Piney, please thank him for his service to our country. [​IMG]
  10. danbury

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    I've cooked 4 and 6 of those bad boys at a time. You're going to be in for some good eating! Post some finished pictures later.

    Great looking stuff!
  11. supervman

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    Thanks Sumo
    Makes sense.
  12. i'll be sure to tell him thanks for you guys...

    audioxtremes.....my rub is basically all my favorite spices+ alil brown sugar... i just pour and mix :) its definetly spicy...

    my spritz is apple juice,brown sugar and "Southern Basting oil"

    x-factor...the stuff up next to the fatty is the left over stuffing that didnt fit into the fatty...halved large mushrooms,cheese and onions sprinkled with rub......it was GOOD!! mmmmm

    i have a dilema....i started this at 2:30pm....and i'd like to be in bed by midnight i just checked the internal temps about an hr ago and they are only at 120-130....its 8:30 pm and i'd like to be in bed by midnight lol.......can i wrap them and leave them in oven over night at about 150 degrees? or lower? then pull them about 5:30am? do you think it will dry out? or maybe not reach 200 degrees?

    here's the spice cabinet and 6hrs into the smoke......


  13. seboke

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    Lookin GREAT! In case I miss your final Q-view, here's some points for ya NOW!

    Pull em and foil em when they hit at least 150, prefer 160. Stick em in the oven at 250 with your digi therms in em. Set the alarms to go off at 200, wrap in towels, put in a cooler. They'll be ready when you're "better rested"!
  14. thanks seboke!
  15. seboke

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    Seems I'm out of points again. Only gave points to one person today.... Please PM me to remind me I owe ya! I promised someone some yesterday also. If you read this, also remind me!!!
  16. bbq bubba

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    Only the last 1/4" of the tip reads temp, so it doesnt read the potato.
  17. pineywoods

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    Looking good you should have a very happy crew [​IMG]
  18. starsfaninco

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    Also, I've also found that if I don't let my meat come up to room temp before I throw them on the fire, the pit temp probe will register a little low due to the cold meat. I've put the pit temp probe from the et73 between two large butts and it registered almost 10* colder than another probe two racks up (when they registered almost the same (+/- 2*) when the meat was at 120+*). This was in a Big Block GOSM.

  19. Thank him from us here in philly also! [​IMG]

    Any updated pics :)



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