4 butts on a Sunday!

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    Alright, I haven't posted in awhile, and while I didn't take that many pictures, I'll post what I did take and how the day went down.

    So, on Friday, I picked up 4 boston butts totaling 42 pounds of raw weight for $2.59 a pound (ouch).  5 pounds of the finished product had already been reserved for a tailgate this coming weekend, but I figured if I was going to light my smoker, I better fill 'er up!

    So, I got my start a little late on Sunday after a long, sweaty Saturday, I was struggling to wake up, get out of bed, or get any ambition.  

    Anyways, with this much weight of cool pork butt going on my little 18.5" WSM, I knew I had to get it pre-heated quite a bit warmer than I'd be smoking.  So, I go outside, look in my deck box, and guess what, no charcoal.  Shoot.  Just another delay!  So, I ran to the store, picked up two bags of KBB and came back home.  I got the coals light, WSM loaded down.

    I seasoned the butts up with my rub, some cayenee, cajun, brown sugar, garlic salt, lemon pepper, and paprika.  I checked my smoker, it was at 250, lower than I usually smoke (I shoot for 275-300, and yes, I have a Maverick therm, but I didn't have a place to put it to get an accurate pit temp with 4 10 pound butts on that little smoker), but I figured I had better get them on.  I load the meat onto the smoker and the temp crashes.  Like...thermometer on the top reading 175 degrees, but I wasn't overly worried as I know that isn't the most accurate, and with the amount of meat on the smoker, the warm air was going to have a hard time filtering up to get a good reading.

    Regardless, I lit some more coals, put them in one by one with my tongs.  No change.

    Next, I lit a whole stack of charcoal in my starter, put it in, very little change in temp.  Hmmm.  What to do.

    I decided to be patient, I hit 140 degrees in the 4 hour time limit (no need to discuss personal thoughts on the rule...).  By then, my smoker was hot enough that I was comfortable at where I was.  A few more hours in and it was still going slower than I wanted so I, GASP, pulled them off and finished them in a 300 degree oven.  I poured some Stone Milk Stout onto each one and placed them in a foil pan before they took their nap in the oven.  The meat was done by 7, but knowing that 8 PM was bath time and bottle time for our 3 month old, I let them rest until 9 PM, which is when I pulled the meat.

    It appears and tastes like I got plenty of smoke, not really concerned, but I usually can run my WSM pretty darn flawlessly, so I'm a bit disappointed in myself!  Anyways, here is the pictures.

    Photo pre-rub

    Rubbed down and ready to go!


    I yielded about 24 pounds of cooked weight, so just a hair under 40% weight loss in the cooking process.
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    Turned out great , 'Easy - Peasey'
  3. crazymoon

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    Looks like a real winner  there, nice job !
  4. Sounds like there may have been a venting issue preventing you from getting the temp up. Have you ever put that much meat before on that little WSM? Anyhow the meat looked like it came out really good. Nice job!
  5. heyer5

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    I have ran 4 butts on that smoker several times, but I think the average weight was more around the 7-8 pound range instead of 10-11 pound range.  I had all my bottom vents wide open, as usual, but it just couldn't recover after the meat was put on.  Rarely, if ever, do I have issues with it!  I've ran that thing for the past 3 years with very, very little issue.  It was frustrating to say the least, which is odd for me!

    Regardless, the meat turned out very well!
  6. heyer5

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    Also, thanks for the comments!
  7. Nice job overcoming your difficulties.  Looks great

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