30 Must Know Tips from a Professional Chef

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I been watching a little every day. I just figured out this morning he has a link below the video to read them and can go straight to the video on it. I really like the Thickening part. I love watching him cook. I like it when he says "You don't want to do it my way do it your way"
Some great info. The thickening IS a game changer, but if the level of what you are thickening isn't reachable with a sieve, that could be hard to do.

Peeling asparagus us something I haven't done but I've seen it in TV competitions. Hopefully I'll remember that next time I get fat ones. And Fat stalks are what you want, I've learned.

Keeping a scrap bowl on the counter is a 50/50 thing for me. Our kitchen doesn't have massive counter top space and its not big in general, a scrap bowl is just another thing taking up needed real estate. I DO often keep the bag produce was in like broccoli or lettuce laying on the counter as I cut it up/cull it, put the scraps on the bag, then its easy to lift the scraps to the trash can. But my trash can is only a step or two away. I can take the top off of it while I'm prepping to make it easy to hit and also pull it over near me while prepping certain things.

The text version of this is much faster to get through. I already knew 90% of this stuff, so it made it easy to scroll right to the stuff I didn't know or had forgot.

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The one thing I totally agree with is get all your ducks in a roll before making your recipe. Meaning having everything ready to go and in front of you. So many times I am looking for something and other things are over cooking or burning.
A lot of his recipes I would not make but I enjoy how he explains how to make them.
"Its so easy even a child could make this"
Lots of good info here.

Lots of good info here.

I helped Jean build and set up his kitchen studio in Boca Raton. You should see his production assistant.


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I really like how he loves to help people get the most from cooking.
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