3-2-1 ribs in my MES

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  1. Hi everyone. Doing a couple racks of baby backs in my MES 40 with a mailbox mod and AMPT. Decided to use a mix of apple and pecan pellets. Rubbed them down with some grey poupon and the dry rub listed below. I've found this to be a good all around rub. The Chipotle gives just a little heat and a nice smoky flavor. I'm using 3-2-1 as a guideline but plan to wrap them around 165 with some agave and apple juice for a couple hours then sauce them and finish them around 200-205. I'll post pictures when they're done.


    1/2 cup brown sugar

    2 Tbsp Salt

    2 tsp each
    Onion powder
    Ground Mustard
    Garlic powder

    1 tsp each
    Chipotle Powder
    White pepper

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    That is a good start

  3. Be watching this one too 

  4. Well 4 hours in and the ribs are still only at 151 and not passing the bend test yet. I started then at 225 but bumped it up to 240 a little while ago. We'll be eating late tonight. Oopsie! On the plus side since they were taking so long I decided to make a hash brown casserole and throw that in with the ribs.
  5. After 4 1/2 he's they finally hit 165 and are ready to wrap

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    I like the flavors you are mixing there. I've got some ribs on my MES tonight as well while watching no a bit o college ovalball. Looking forward to seeing those ribs of yours. Don't rush em. After all It's only Saturday evening. B
  7. Just poured a glass of wine and the PSU game just started. I'm in no hurry 😉
  8. Well the casserole looks good but pulled it after 3 hrs cause I didn't want it to get to smoky. Have it in the oven staying warm until the ribs done.

  9. Well the lesson learned tonight is if they need that long smoking they DO NOT need 2 hrs wrapped. The bones are barely staying in but I got them out and back on the rack and applied a thin coat of BBQ sauce. Back in for 15 or 20 to set it and then time to grub. Tender they will be for sure. Final pics to come.
  10. Well worth the wait...and the bones definitely come out clean

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    Beautiful. Very nice looking results!

    I have yet to experiment with Pecan but it sounds great.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Great looking meal!

    Glad to hear the ribs turned out so well!


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