3 2 1 Cured Spare Ribs

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Lets see where to start..........

2 pkgs of Pork Spare Ribs, washed and patted dry and thrown down the deep dark void.

This is the deep dark void of curing magic. This time I sacrificed to the void, 1 gallon of spring water, 2/3C canning salt, 3/4C brown sugar, 3/4C Molasses, 1T Vanilla Extract and 1T of pink stuff.

After a weeks vacation in the void the ribs were saved and gently patted dry, and into the reefer for 24 hours to dry and get all sticky!

So last night we rubbed 'en down with Tatonka magic dust, and massaged in some apple cider vinegar and they smelled pretty dang good, Wrapped 'em up and back in the reefer.

Lit the fires and kicked the tires, MES at 275 preheat, fired up the AMPs with pecan.

7:00AM, overcast and rainy, re-rubbed the ribs and this times coated with brown sugar (must not forget about forming that MM candy shell to encapsulate the pork).

Thought I would try another way to get full ribs in the smoker, I was in a hurry early and my Boy Scout knot tying skills suffered.

Ahhhhh..... break time and it hot community Dark Roast coffee with some magic in it and a piece of chocolate cookie sheet cake...... And everything is back in perspective and the world is again a wonderful place to be.

OK, its a three hour wait, I could use a shower, but I hate to wash off this smoke, I don't have any cologne that smells this good. With the nasty weather, I am thinking probably the oven for the foiling.

Be Back Later with more decisions........
Been traveling...17 flights in the last 3 weeks.

Chicago Atlanta Baltimore Denver LA Phoenix Houston Dallas Tulsa and Fort Smith Arkansas...
Making some baby backs today for the big game this afternoon just got them in the smoker. I'm starting a new thread right now take care!
Making some baby backs today for the big game this afternoon just got them in the smoker. I'm starting a new thread right now take care!
Ya know I hate Chili's simply because anytime some one says "Baby Back Ribs" my mind goes into that song and gets stuck in a continuous loop. I want my baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back , Chili's baby back ribs... and BBQ sauce.....
I am wore down and the game hasn't even started yet.

First rack of ribs, foiled in pineapple juice, sugar cane sugar, cloves (There are pineapple slices there somewhere)

Second rack foiled with apple cider vinegar, and later glazed with a Honey Satsuma glaze

Juicey but not tender although I will blame the majority of that on the cure. I cured these 5 days and I need to try shorter cure next time.

For supper Pop asked for cured ribs and fried eggs....... LOL

That's it, appreciate you looking in. Don't forget these were rubbed in a secret Tatonka magic dust.

Looks good, tastes good must be good stuff!

Thanks for dropping by!
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