3-2-1 Baby Back Cooking Ribs Question

Discussion in 'Pork' started by calculus, Jul 12, 2012.

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    I do my share of smoking. But I was wondering on baby backs, after the first 2 hours of smoking, why not the oven? If the ribs are sealed in foil, the smoker couldn't give you any more smoke for the next 2 hours. You have to remove them from the smoker anyway to foil. Then you could use less of whatever fuel you are using and you wouldn't have to watch it. Then the last hour you could slather the sauce and go. Any thoughts?
  2. Works perfectly fine that way.   I've done it, especially when I needed more smoker space (or grill using a smoker box). Once they are wrapped, they aren't getting any smoke anyway.   
  3. That would certainly work.  I do that with my pulled pork once I hit 165-170 I foil and finish in the oven.  Works great.  My brother who doesnt have a lot of time to smoke but when he does smokes a lot, foils them to the oven for 2 hours and then pulls them out, cools and freezes them.  Then when he wants ribs he only has to thaw and finish the last hour on a grill.  Works great.
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    Same here. Saves on charcoal.
  5. It works fine!
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    i've done that with pulled pork and you really can't tell the difference.  IT came out moist when I pulled it off at 200.
  7. Calculus it feels like 109 here. I'm so happy that I can foil the ribs, place back in smoker and not turn on the oven! In winter, I would enjoy the heat. 😊

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