2nd Time Baby Backs - MES 40 w/ AMNPS

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  1. Prepped my second time Baby Backs this morning. This will be my first attempt using my own rub recipe vs pre-made bought in the store. First time I used Bone Suckin' Rub using 2-2-1 method but I think I had the temp a bit too high. They were tender (maybe too tender) and literally falling off the bone when I pulled them from the foil. Meat wasn't tough and everyone liked them, flavor was incredible (both good for my first attempt). Wanted to venture out and try my own rub recipe and finishing sauce...the least I could do based on the countless hours I spend on this site, reading books, etc. 

    Pulled ribs out of fridge to get the chill off of them for about an hour this morning, prepped MES 40 and made a new stand to lift AMNPS tray off the floor a bit (had some issues staying lit last smoke.

    Membranes stripped, racks trimmed up and applied new rub....now they're resting for about 60-90 min before I fire up the smokin' beast!

    Smoker up to @ 225 degrees

    Ribs down - @ 1130

    Here they are at the 3 hr point

    All done & plated...

    Overall very happy with taste (finishing sauce was incredible). Little more tug on them vs first time but I'll keep pressing for the ideal combo of taste and texture, my tasters don't mind being guinea pigs for me

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