2nd guessing amount of cure #1

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May 30, 2015
upstate ny
I started dry brining my bellies today. Only my 2nd time doing bacon, and I don't remember the amount of cure being so little.

I weighed each piece, and used DiggingDogs calculator to convert #'s to grams.

My heaviest piece was 4.56 lbs, or 2068.3708 g.

I weighed out 6.51g of cure #1 @ 6.25%. (Gram scale, calibrated today)

Now heres whats has me 2nd guessing myself.

I'm reading to use 1 level tsp for evety 5# of meat. However, 6.51g of cure #1 isn't even close to 1 tsp. (Knowing the weight of the belly is slightly less then 5#).

Am I over thinking this?
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1 teaspoon table salt is 6.08g...Close enough to Cure #1. I ran 2068.37 at 156 ppm and get ,5.16g cure needed. No big deal if you used 6.51...JJ
Use 1.1 grams of cure per pound so 4.56 would be 5 grams of cure. thats about the same as 0.25 %
0.25%...0.25%...0.25%....So easy to remember. Also easy to calculate with mental math: a quarter of the weight, then move decimal point to the left twice.
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Thanks for the help guys.

I wieghed 1 level tsp of my cure, and i was 7.1g. Now i know 100% that my cure was labled 6.25%. (Original packaging gone). But before ordering I verified with the manufacturer that it was indeed 6.25% as that is what is so often mentioned here in SMF.

I guess it still amazes me that such a tiny amount can cure a 4.5# hunk of meat....

A little bit of posion goes a long way
Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.

Don't feel bad I'm always second and triple guessing myself when we make our venison sausage. Since it's cold smoked at no higher than 48° and we rely strictly on the cure to make the sausage safe to eat. No cooking at all involved.

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