2nd generation MES 40 - add chips how often?

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Jul 4, 2012
Pittsburgh, Pa
Good morning everyone.

I received an MES 40 for my birthday in July and besides the major difference between the MES stated temp and my Maverick's probe temps, it's treated me very well. I've done a variety of things in it, most of which turned out pretty decent due to all the awesome info from all you guys on this site. Regardless, I am by no means an expert.

Here's one thing that I'm questioning myself about...I've been reading a bunch that I should be adding chips to my MES every 30-40 minutes. There's times during a smoke where my smoker seems to go for 2+ hours on one chip tray full of chips. Is what I'm seeing coming out of the smoker just steam? Or does the 30-40 minutes apply to the 1st generation MES 40 since the trip tray was much smaller?

I know that this is such a rookie question to ask but once again, I'm no expert.

Thanks in advance everyone!
I doubt the chips last two hours...take the chip box out after an hour and look if there are any left...get an amzn dust or pellet tray and abandon the chips...it will last 8 hours...
Try small chunks in the mes. Longer lasting and more flavorful smoke. Some folks have issues with keeping the AMAZ-N lit in the gen 2 mes. And I, too, doubt you are getting 2 hours out of one load of chips.
Thanks guys! I appreciate your help.

I too doubt that a small amount of chips would last 2 hours. I'm assuming what I thought was smoke is just water vapor. It just seems thick like smoke sometimes.

Thanks again!
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