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2020 is the worst year. Ever.


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The year started promising, then I lost my Dad in February and it's been downhill ever since.

Last week, we had to say goodbye to another member of our family, the little man that has been the one constant in our life for 10 1/2 years. When my wife was stationed at the Pentagon and lived in Gainesville, VA during the week (and came home on the weekends), Cooper kept her sane. That was a rough year, because it was also my first year of sobriety and she was stressed about it and Cooper got her through it. In May we took him to the vet because he was favoring his right front leg. They did x-rays and a physical exam and determined it was arthritis. Went on a regimen of pain killers and anti-inflammatories. Turns out it wasn't arthritis. It was an aggressive sarcoma that was growing up into his spinal cord that we couldn't have done anything about. He loved to camp, so we're thankful that in October - he got a pretty epic camping trip to include a car ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway (since he couldn't hike with the other two) up in Lynchburg.

I took the day off of work, and we had a local hospice vet come to the house - and we said goodbye in his favorite bed, with his pack around him able to say goodbye. I'll miss the little man.




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Yes it has been a tough year, for alot of people! My condolences go out to you... for the loss of your dad and your beloved pet . I too lost my mom earlier this year and our dog Sadie, 13 yrs. It's tough to think of losing them. But mom is no longer in pain and Sadie isn't suffering either. We always have them in our hearts forever! Just remember all the good things you still have in your life.



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Very sorry for your losses. First your Dad, and now your old friend. He does look happy, and that meant he loved his life with you and your Family. We've had dogs our whole lives. We have 3 now, ages 13, 12, 6. We could possibly lose the 2 older ones close to each other. They're truly Family members. Stay safe.

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Truly sorry to hear of the losses. I miss my Father terribly as he was the greatest Man I have ever known!
We too lost one of our 3 boys in August. He was hit by a car. We thought he would recover but passed 5 days later. The loss was felt by us all but maybe mostly by Bucky's 2 brothers, his actual blood brother Beagle and his best buddy our Pit/Boxer mix.
You will always remember the best of times with your Boy and as hard as this year has been, Great Things Happen when least expected!
We have just received a Blessing with a beautiful young lady named Tilly....JJ

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I'm sorry for your loss. I'm all to aware of how you must feel.

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So very sorry to hear about your losses. It's heartbreaking to read these stories but behind every one of them is many years of happiness and joy that you shared with your little friend. We dread the day we lose ours, and sadly it'll be all too soon. She's getting up there in years now and is the center of our universe.

With time you will recover and hopefully rebound with a new friend.



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These posts always make me tear up a little. My sympathies are with you my friend.


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So sorry!
I can only hope there is never another 2020!


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So sorry for your loss. It is a rough year. But hang in there "This too will pass".
As an aside my Daughter send me an text a while back: "Staying clean and sober in 2020 counts as an extra five yers of sobriety". I'll take it :emoji_wink:


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Sorry for your loss!!
2020 does suck, and losing your Friend just adds to the Misery.
At least He got to be with his loved ones when his time came.
Not something Covid Humans get to make their deaths a little less Sad.
Lost our Black Lab about 15 years ago, of Cancer, when He was 12 1/2 Years old.
It still hurts to think of him, but We try to only remember the Fun times.



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Also so sorry for your loss. Both of them.
We lost our dog a year and a half ago, and I still think about her every day.

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