2014 North Florida Gathering April 4,5,6

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Well Bob got some pork butts thawing out. Hope to get some sausage going this weekend for yer red beans and rice. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.
What are the plans for sausage making this year.... how much, what flavors, what types, volunteers, casings, etc..... I have a raincheck Ive been saving for boston butt  for .99 /lb from food lion.... I can wipe them out...........
Wings sound good as long as Jon doesn't spike them again. LOL.
99 cents a pound is a great deal. Would like to find some of that around here. Meat has went thru the roof even on base.
Wings sound good as long as Jon doesn't spike them again. LOL.
well, you know I will volunteer to help where ever needed ... getting close and can't wait....
W/ the ice storm today and water temps dropping over 10 degrees in the ponds i can just about say no mud bugs this year. Thinking some boudin balls .
Wings sound good as long as Jon doesn't spike them again. LOL.
I can bring the hell powder???
Getting real close to needing a head count on those planning to attend???
Need a head count and if your coming in before Friday please PM me and let me know what day you are coming in
2 for me... wife and I.. unless Minnie counts as 1.... :biggrin:

make a running total here

2 for me

2 running total ...

next poster just add their head count to the running total
Shelby said the sausage was pretty dang good. At least she didn't get sick!!!!!! Nothing like using your own kids for a test case  Needs a Tad more heat for Karen though!
Hey ya'll I'm alive. Can I make a showing. I know I haven't been around much kind of busy life but I much healthier this year.
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