200 gallon reverse flow

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Nov 3, 2023
Started with a rusty old tank, all the tags were gone off of it but it measures ~ 86"x24" which comes out to ~200gallons. Filled it full of water, cut about a 21" piece off one end with sawzall/angle grinder and got most of the paint off with a wire wheel.

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Built a square tube frame, put casters on the corners and tacked the short section of the tank to it using the existing tank feet
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Did the various measuring and cuts and grinding to splice the tank end of the fire box to the flat side of the cooking chamber, leaving a 3/4 lip sticking up into the cc from the tank end of the fire box to keep grease in the cc. 4.5" angle grinder so far, chalk pencil, tape measure, 4' level etc. Fairly basic tools

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Looking great!! Wish I had the space and ability to do that! Can’t wait to see it Smoking!!
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Cut and welded the open end of the cook chamber, fabbed some hinges, installed a door handle, and cut the door. It sprung a little but it looks manageable. Carried it outside and built a hot fire in it to burn off the odorant before installing the baffle plate. Got some bluing going on that looks pretty cool I think.

Installed a grease dam at the end of the cook chamber away from the fire box and put 2 drains, one at the back end before the dam, the other just before the lip of the firebox. Cut the baffle plate about 1/8 wider at the firebox end so it would pitch slightly downhill away from the firebox and towards the back drain/dam allowing grease to settle where there is a drain, a dam to keep it out from under the baffle plate, and at least some access.
The cursive writing inside the door shows it's age. Completely accidental to cut it like that. Not sure what it all means

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Finished up the grates and expanded metal. Carried it up to the carport, coated it inside and out with olive oil, and lit a big fire. Buried the needle on the temp guage. Threw a mulefoot shoulder I started this morning on to finish

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