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2 Nice Butts


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Injected with Wicker's and apple juice.  Mustard slather and heavy dust of rub.  I smoked these butts around 240-260 with briqs and hickory until the internal hit 165*.  I wrapped and FFFIIIITTTOOOO? Yes, you heard it.  Why not after it is foiled anyway?

Pot luck family reunion.  This was my dish.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it.


Injected, slathered, rubbed, smothered, covered...

This chimney's getting the party started.  Quickly. Right? Play that beat. Bam.

She don't eat meat but she sho likes the bone

My 7 year old is helping watch temps while buidling a space ship

The G*&%*D(#^$*TM*$(%&#F*(#)#%S)#B STALL

Now we're gettin' there...

I'm entitled to as many as bark samples as I want, so zip it!

Night Night time, sweet dreams at 250*.

We got to 200 by 10:30 am.  Hung out in a towelled cooler for a couple of hours in transit to SeeMaw's house.  Pulled there and everyone dug in.  We had 39 people, but it was pot luck, so wayyy too much food.  I was given so many kudos.  I owe it to this web site. This was the best PP I have ever made, and I've had a few butts in my day if you know what i mean.



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They are nice looking butts well done


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Not only was this an excellent Q view, with great lookin' meat, it was pretty funny, too!

"I'm entitled to as many bark samples as I want, so zip it!"  LMAO!

nicely done, nick!

mr mac

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Nice job on the pork!  Next time try to put a little life in your story telling for our sakes, wouldya?!? 

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