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    I am looking for information on how to dry cure with #2 cure where I can learn how to do it right. I have bee reading anything that I can find. Where is a good source to find how to do it right. What I have read it has to watch real close until you are good at it. I have to build a curing chamber, that will be down the road. I just want to study every thing can before I start. 

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    Little more to dry cure than just watching.

    Get a couple good books.

    The art of making fermented sausage By Stanley and Adam Marianski


    Rytek Kutas book

    Prague Powder #2
    Used to dry-cure products. Prague powder #2 is a mixture of 1 part sodium nitrite, .64 parts sodium nitrate and 16 parts salt. (1 oz. of sodium nitrite with .64 oz. of sodium nitrate to each lb. of salt.)
    It is primarily used in dry-curing Use with products that do not require cooking, smoking, or refrigeration. This cure, which is sodium nitrate, acts like a time release, slowly breaking down into sodium nitrite, then into nitric oxide. This allows you to dry cure products that take much longer to cure. A cure with sodium nitrite would dissipate too quickly.
    Use 1 oz. of cure for 25 lbs. of meat or 1 level teaspoon of cure for 5 lbs. of meat when mixing with meat.
    When using a cure in a brine solution, follow a recipe.
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    Thanks for the help. I have a long ways to go before I start curing meat Prague Power #2. What I seen so far it is not that hard, BUT HAVE TO FOLLOW THE RULES AND KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON THINGS. 

    Thanks Glyn

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