1st cook in 3.5 years

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Yup, finally. Redners has Boston Butt on sale,very limited selection. Biggest/ #7 went home with me. To recipe book, mixed up butt rub, 8hrs on Worcestershire/mustard slather.
Fired up early this morning with my second to the last bag of Stubb's and Embers. Feeding cherry/apple mini splits, settled in and running +/-260*. Splashed with cider vinegar and rub mix at 5 hrs, rendering nicely, bark forming just as it should. So far so good, just like ol'times.


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Why the hiatus?
Went acouple rounds with renal cancer. Lost a kidney but won the fight. While rehabbing I took a blood clot to the heart and had sustained cardiac arrest. Bit it 18 times in 70 min before they located it and stented. Took a long time to rehab and sustained a lot of pulmonary damage. I'm the best I've been since then and thought it was time.
After all that, I'm very glad you're doing well and look forward to seeing more of your cooks.
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Thanks to all, it's been a while but every step along the way felt like second nature. Can't say enough about having a recipe book to go too. Whipped up a batch of my Butt rub, JJ'S finishing sauce and a Carolina spicy vinegar sauce from someone on here. Sales on till the 18th and at $1.68 a #, going back to see what I can get. Pulled pork nachos for lunch, enjoy today.
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Didn't even mind cleaning up for next time. My labby G was waiting for more food to come out. Swept out ashes and re foiled ash pan. Till next time-


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