1st Annual SMF Gathering is Underway

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Master of the Pit
Original poster
Apr 17, 2006
Greenwood, MO
The distinct honor of first guest to arrive goes to Shortone. He arrived @ about 8:45 this evening. We will be holding down the fort and waiting for the rest of ya'll to catch up.

Be safe getting here and Shortone and I will be looking forward to your arrival.

Let the festivities begin!!!
I just got to Springfield with the family and we are stopping over for the night. (women folks idea)

Will try to be there in the morning around 10:00 or so.. looking forward to meeting everyone!
Sounds great Jeff. We made it to KC and Bud and Lori(daughter) are on there way back from the ballgame.

Really looking foward to tommorow and meeting ya'll.....drive safe.....lotta funny stories about trying to learn this new RV, have had to detach the smoker a few times in tight spots..
Don't tell Bud I told you, it should make for some funny stories. But I do have to say I'm real proud of him....allways have been though..
Sorry we couldn't be there to join in all the fun...but sure hope the gathering is a great success and a good time had by all..stay safe on your travels..
Wish I could be there as well ... don't know how you guys will fair without me? ... Just so your best, keep your chins up and everything should be OK!

Don't forget to take and post lots of pix for us that couldn't make it ........
I'll see you all there bright and early.....oh crap.....that's right.....still in seattle.......oh well, I'm still gonna try to fire up the smoker in honor....although apparently it's gonna friggin rain all weekend.....like usual.....
A bunch of "TURDS" getting together......................out here that is called a big pile of S***!

Hope you all have a ffff...fffff...ffff....ffffffantastic time!

I hope to join you ....in spirit, by smoke'n a 15# prime rib and drink'n as much as possible...........just to keep up w/all of you.

If the moderators go........then we have the "house" to ourselves! Looks like a great time to post all the nasty ffff...ffff....fffff....fun pix we can and use all kinds of "adjectives"!!!

later, have a drink on me
Have a great time you guys! Wish I could be there also, maybe next year!

Don't forget, WE LIKE PIX!
Getting ready to head out to the campground.. should arrive by 10 AM this morning.

I will post some pics tonight so all of you can see what you missed.
As I sit here in my hotel room, I cry...
Must work over the weekend.
Hope everyone has a fantastic time and take lots of pic!

Take care all!
I'm finishing the packing - will probably forget a lot of stuff (as usual) But just a word to all who can't make it. We're really gonna miss you all and hope next time everyone can make it.

Special Note to Cheech.. Keep your head up buster... we'll eat a rib for ya man!

Sorry again to Gunslinger that he isn't able to make it.

Keep watchin for pix!

I wish all of you a great time and look forward to seeing some pics. I will have the thin blue going down here in Tx tomorrow so look for smoke signals.
Thanks everyone...you all will be missed. Picking up stakes and headed down the road to Clinton. I also will try to get alot of pics for ya'll.

I know you all will be there in spirt of the thin Blue !!!!!!!!!!!
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