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Since my yearly was going to renew in a few weeks anyhow, I hit the deal up. At 100 bucks, lifetime was a decent deal. At half price, it's a steal.
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For anyone having trouble with Edge.. we had someone else the other day who had trouble with that and I can't remember what caused it. @bmudd14474 do you remember what they have to do to fix that issue?
I became "official" yesterday and right after signing up, I couldn't access the website, even late last night. Every other website worked just fine, just not SMF. This morning it's OK, and I'll try to remember about Adblock plus if it happens again. Anyway, you guys are stuck with me now....
To highlight the Premier Memberships that we offer here on SMF, I've decided to offer the Lifetime Premier Membership at a huge discount. This is good for 3 days only.

Just in case some of you don't know what the perks are, here's a rundown:
  • You get to turn off the Ads (browsing without ads is AWESOME!)
  • You can post a link to your website, facebook, etc. in your signature area
  • You get a badge on your profile letting everyone know that you "chipped in".
  • Notification emails contain the full text
More than anything else, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting the forum that you love.

Normally, the Lifetime Premier is $100 and gives you all of these perks forever.

For the next 3 days, you get all of this for only $50

This community has been the premier source for smoking meat information, tips and help since 2004 and it's growing bigger and better every single day.

A lot of you already enjoy these perks. For those who don't, here's your chance to score!

Get a Lifetime Premier Membership Now!

Thank you for supporting your SMF!
Thank you, I too just did the paypal thing.
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Thanks, mine would have ran out shortly, paid so no more ad's when I forgot and wondered who hacked the forum lol
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I was either going to have to pay up for another year in a couple weeks, or take the discount on lifetime. Didn't really make sense to do just another year with this deal on the table. If you're on the fence about going premier, or up for renewal soon, hit this deal up!
I had the site not loading issue after I joined, tried for awhile the turned off ad blocker for the site and bingo I was in, using Chrome. So if you do join and you should at that discount, make sure if using ad blocker to turn it off.
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