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  1. webs05

    first dry aged brisket

    First off thanks to this site and the many posts out here. Reading through these forums is what produced this end result of amazing beef. And I appreciate what this community does for the world of smoking. I think this brisket started around 14lbs. I followed Guga's (of Sous Vide Everything...
  2. SmokinAl


    The first dry aged ribeye I did was just on a rack in the fridge, it was a bone in prime rib & I dry aged it for 40 days. This time I bought a whole boneless ribeye at Sam's & tried the UMAi dry bag method. I went 45 days on this one. Here is what I started with. This is how it looked after...
  3. Dafish13

    Umai Pancetta - Should have made BACON

    So after about 2 months the first of my 2 pancettas, the flat, lost 27% of its weight. I pulled it out and sliced it in half. It looks like bacon and unfortunately tastes like raw bacon. Since it looks like bacon I fried it like bacon and wow, it tastes great. I have concluded that pancetta...
  4. Dafish13

    Umai Spanish Chorizo Troubleshooting

    I made Spanish Chorizo using the 50mm Umai casings and their recipe. I cured the sausage for 2 days before it went into the refrigerator for a targeted 40% weight loss. After 6 1/2 weeks it had only lost 38% and I lost my patience so I pulled it out. I cannot comment on the taste as I was too...
  5. SmokinAl

    UMAi PEPPERONI, without bactoferm!

    I wanted to try a batch of pepperoni in the UMAi casings without using the bactoferm. We wanted to see how it would taste without fermenting it first. So I used the same recipe as I used in my first pepperoni try, except I used 1 1/2 the amount of TSM seasoning & no bactoferm. Also there was no...
  6. chopsaw

    Umai ginger salami

    Mixed this up on 8/23 . Used the Len Poli formula as a guide line . Added some ground caraway , white wine and dextrose . 50 mm bags . Used 2 lbs of chuck roast and 3 lbs of pork butt . I actually cut the fat cap side out of the butt and made some BBB . I made a rack to hang the umai sausage on...
  7. 73saint

    Umai pepperoni

    just getting started, got my 50mm umai dry bags, bactoferm, Sausagemaker pepperoni seasoning and cure #2. Did a 5lb batch. Went pork, beef and back fat; 3lbs pork, 1&1/2lbs beef (chuck) & .5 lbs beef fat. All ground up good and cold! Made a couple burger patties with the leftover...
  8. SmokinAl


    Ok guys I have been wanting to get into dry curing for quite some time now, but TheSausageMaker had a sale on UMAi casings & so that put me over the edge. I bought 4 packs, Bactoferm, cure #2, and their dry cure pepperoni seasoning. I read that I should use a combo of lean beef & lean pork or...
  9. mstphrchrstphr

    First time trying Umai

    Hi, I tried dry-aging a striploin today in an Umai bag for the first time. The vacuum seal didn't seem to seal the bag super tight, but it seemed to be tight enough that their 75-80% coverage suggestion was there. Now that it's in the fridge, it seems as though there is more air and space in...
  10. chopsaw

    UMAI salami .

    Be my third time doing this . first two times I used their recipe . It's good ,,, I guess . Just seems to be missing something .  Any ideas , I'm listening .  Thx . Chop