stick burner

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  1. T

    Starting My First Build

    Hi all, New-ish member here. Been smoking everything under the sun on big box store smokers for a little over ten years. Finally decided to get cracking on my own build. Picked up this 200gal beauty the other day and it's currently at the fab shop getting sand blasted and cleaned up. Not being...
  2. N

    Adventures in Offset Learning (w/ Pics)

    I've been busy learning the ins and outs of running my Bell Fab, spending as many free weekend days and weekday nights as I can building fires and testing methods. The hardest part for me so far has been finding the right size split and technique to maintain a good sized coal bed and the temps I...
  3. N

    Update - Bell Fab Delivery and First Impressions

    The wait is finally over! I received delivery of my new Bell Fabrications smoker on May 5th. It has a 24"x48" cook chamber and is 3/8" steel all the way around. It arrived on a massive pallet, and watching it get unloaded made me glad that I opted to have the freight company deliver it to the...
  4. BBQ Warlock

    Easter Smoked Leg of Lamb (Bone In)

    Way back in 2019 when we could gatehr in large numbers at Back Yard Barbecues, a friend of mine smoked a Leg of Lamb and it was delicious and recently my Wife and I saw some nice selection of Lamb Legs at our local Wegmans (local grocery chain) and we decided to pick one up. Doing some research...
  5. H

    For Sale: Myron Mixon MMS-60 H20 Wood Fired Smoker

  6. duke-wayne-fan

    First time ever doing a butt

    Today I smoked my first butt ever. It went great. I put a 7.5 lb butt on my Dyna-glo smoker around 1245 pm and pulled it off around 845. Kept my temps around 230-260. Wrapped it in foil at 160° IT and pulled at 200°
  7. Thunderbug23

    Newbie Need Help

    So I been cooking on a WSM Wanted a offset so I bought a Old Country Pecos because it was the best bang for your buck, so I’ve cooked on it 3 times having issues every time I close the door the fire goes out so I have to leave the door open half way and I'm getting 20 minutes before I have to...
  8. T

    reverse flow help

    my brother and I just finished our first reverse flow build, and had a small issue while burning it out the first time. We couldn't get even temps across the grates. It was running 25 - 50 degrees difference from end to end. Ill add some pics so you can see how it's built. Any ideas...
  9. T

    Stick burner help

    Last Summer I had purchased one of the original Oklahoma Joe's that was made in Perry Oklahoma. It 1/4" and the welds on it are impeccable. The smoker itself is in great shape and has no rust what so ever. One thing that I am having problems with is the heat distribution across the grate. I have...
  10. Jmt

    First butt, 7.5 lbs, Perfection thanks to SMF!! Q-view

    First of all, a big thank you goes to Bearcarver for his step by step. Another thank you to TulsaJeff for his outstanding rub recipe. The grill: M1 by Mgrills Fuel: White oak splits The meats: 7.48 lb. Boston butt from Sam's Club (wish I would have done 2 or 3 more, I had the room) The pics...