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  1. SmokinAl


    I was at Publix yesterday picking up a couple of bottles of wine for Judy & had to swing by the meat counter. Saw some pork chops & thought we haven't had these in a while, so I asked the butcher if he could cut me a couple of 1" thick bone in pork loin chops. Surprise to me the total bill was...
  2. K

    Newbie could use some guidance

    I have been reading many posts about building a RF smoker from 275 Oil Tank. Have a few questions as I plan my own. 1) Is it necessary to have a heat shield in addition to the RF plate? If so, what is the purpose? 2) Why is it necessary to have a 24x24x44 firebox if the fire is not going to...
  3. L

    Questions on my first Bacon Cure/Smoke

    Making bacon for the first time and would appreciate a quick check in on procedure and on the temperature of the curing environment. I purchased a 4 lb. pork belly and used the recipe from https://barbecuebible.com/recipe/made-scratch-bacon/ Though I did add some (2tbs) maple syrup to the mix...
  4. T

    Beef Tenderloin

    I need help with smoking beef tenderloin. I have 2-4lbs tenderloins and can't not find temp or duration of cooking in a electric smoker. Making them for Christmas
  5. titi cold smoke

    HELP my smoke generator don't smoke !

    Hi! I made this generator, and I use it with oak wood chips. The problem is that the wood chips go out very fast. And there is very little smoke. What is the problem? The pump? The chips? the pipes? Thank you for your answers.
  6. Victor Stratton

    Multi-probe grill temp thermometer needs

    Hello all! I have a large Lang smoker and I would really like to find a 4-6 probe thermometer for the grill temps. I currently have two Maverick ET732 that I use but with 2 racks the temps vary quite a bit and would like 2 more probes to cover the entire smoker. I don't need meat...
  7. nyc smoke

    12 Pound Turkey in my Pit Barrel Cooker in NYC

    Going to smoke a 12# tomorrow, it came brined, got it thawed and washed and dried, sitting in the fridge to air dry overnight. Going to inject with organic chix broth and melted butter, throw on a little salt and pepper, and toss a quartered onion, apple and a bunch of whole herbs in the cavity...
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