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  1. SmokinAl

    A question for REC TEC owners

    Has anyone used a RT 1250 for cold smoking bacon? I was thinking that if you just put the tube in the belly of the smoker it would be perfect. However, I’m wondering if there would be enough air circulation to draw the smoke out the stack. Interested in hearing from someone who has attempted...
  2. SmokinAl

    THURSDAY NIGHT reverse sear CBP rib eye

    Nothing like a nice rib eye for Thursday dinner. I looked in the goodie bag from Robert @tx smoker & found a real nice one. This beautiful piece of meat was so tender I wrapped it with string to keep it the same thickness. Covered it with Canadian steak seasoning & CBP. Into the Rec Tec on...
  3. BlacksBbqMke

    Pellet Grill Purchase Help

    Hello Forum: So I’m looking to add to my collection. I’d been searching the web for a nice sized grill, with WiFi capabilities. My search has led me to my somewhat final of a list. My main point of interest is maintaining consistent temps across the cooking areas. Price isn’t an issue as my...
  4. J

    Just starting pellet smoking

    I have been grilling for a long time and recently (three months ago) got the Slow n Sear add on for my 22" Weber kettle. It works really well and I have done some long smokes using it. But then I started reading a lot on the web about pellet grills and spent the last month researching them...
  5. J

    RecTec RT-700 "Bull" - First Impressions

    Based on the recommendations on this thread, I pulled the trigger and got a RecTec RT-700. As promised, I'm going to share my experiences thus far, which involve buying it, assembling it and an initial smoke of some pork ribs. tl;dr - Great smoker, solid build and newbie friendly. Some minor...
  6. C

    RecTec RT-340

    Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with the RecTec Trailblazer RT-340? I'm looking to get my first pellet grill. I had been looking at a $299 Member's Mark Pellet Grill from Sam's Club but the reviews make it seem like it breaks very often. $600 is really my limit. Is the RecTec...
  7. T

    Hello from Wisconsin!

    Hey folks, been eyeing up a BGE for a while now, and after talking with my grilling enthusiast father, based on my lifestyle and family obligations, we settled on the RecTec 700. I burned it in last night and I'm looking forward to making some delicious stuff for Sunday Packer games to go along...
  8. C

    New guy from Chicago

    Just starting out and ordered a RecTec pellet grill after spending a number of years with a Weber kettle. Was curious if anyone here has tried to add a Camp Chef Sear Station to a non-Camp Chef pellet grill.
  9. Rectecin'

    New Rec Tec RT 700 arrives Thursday

    So never worked a smoker in my life, but I feel like I can't live without one anymore. My two favorite non lobster related things in the world are brisket, and ribs. I did a bunch of research, and finally pulled the trigger on a rec tec 700. It seemed to be the best reviewed, and had the most...
  10. hagewood91

    Grandma's Meatloaf

    This weekend, I took my Wife's Grandmother's meatloaf recipe and smoked it instead of putting it in the oven. It turned out fantastic in my opinion! Their family doesn't care much for spicy food, so this meatloaf is pretty simply and kind of sweet tasting, but it is delicious. 3 lbs Ground...
  11. hagewood91

    Finished Pulled Pork on a RecTec

    Once a month at a local grocery/butcher shop, they have a truckload meat sale, where they bring in tractor trailer loads of meat and you walk through the truck and pick your meat out. I really enjoy this sale as you get some pretty good deals. Picked up 2 of butts, 2 slabs of ribs, and some full...
  12. hagewood91

    ABTs, Bologna, and Stuffed Bell Peppers with Qview

    I recently acquired a RecTec off of craigslist for a very good price(I have always wanted one), and have been putting it through its paces. So far I have done wings, boston butts, bologna, ABTs and some stuffed bell peppers! This thing is great, and with the amazn tube to go along the smoke...