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  1. SmokinAl

    FROZEN ribs again, this time STL’S

    Same situation that started this whole thing, we wanted ribs & wanted them today, not tomorrow. I have not been happy with WFF babybacks. The reason I bought my first order from them when they were just one store in S. Florida, was their BB’s did not have that loin meat on them, and they were...
  2. G

    Can't decide on new smoker! Halp!!

    I'm in the market for a new smoker and I can't decide between two smokers. I know that in the end I probably can't go wrong.. but I still am stuck between the two. I'm not new to smoking, but am new to the forum. As it stands I have a WSM 18, Kettle, Smokey Joe, and Weber Genesis. I'm stuck...
  3. M

    Need Pellet grill TBS supplement!!!

    Hello All, I am new to the forum but have been creeping hard on it for the last 4 years. I recently purchased a Rec TEC bull 700. The grill’s temp reg is outstanding, the stainless they used is definitely on the cheap side PM me for more info on that. Overall I love the grill and it works as...
  4. soonerbeachbum

    Help. Yoder YS640 vs Rec Tec 700

    Howdy everyone I need some help deciding on a pellet smoker. I've been considering purchasing one for awhile now because of the convience of setting and forgetting with a busy schedule. Now I have a newborn and my 4 year old so my time tending my smokers are limited for the next few years so the...
  5. C

    RecTec RT-340

    Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with the RecTec Trailblazer RT-340? I'm looking to get my first pellet grill. I had been looking at a $299 Member's Mark Pellet Grill from Sam's Club but the reviews make it seem like it breaks very often. $600 is really my limit. Is the RecTec...
  6. W

    Worth buying gasket for Rec Tec?

    I'm curious how well does the lid seal on the Rec Tec RT-700 grill? I've seen a few people on other grills using a gasket on their pellet grills and was wondering, would it be worth it to buy a roll of the Fireblack smoker gasket for the RT 700?
  7. hagewood91

    Finished Pulled Pork on a RecTec

    Once a month at a local grocery/butcher shop, they have a truckload meat sale, where they bring in tractor trailer loads of meat and you walk through the truck and pick your meat out. I really enjoy this sale as you get some pretty good deals. Picked up 2 of butts, 2 slabs of ribs, and some full...
  8. @

    Rec Tec or Woodwind?

    So I bought a Traeger from Costco... when it worked the food was great. But the pellets kept bridging in the hopper on the grate and the fire going out. I know ->take the grate out, but I shouldn't have to modify a grill to make it work! I contacted customer service and was told I should...