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  1. S

    Masterbuilt electric chip smoker

    So we got this last week and didnt realize it was a chip not a pellet smoker. Well last week I got more smoke from the pellets and this week the chips are really lacking smoke. Manual says not to use pellets but at this point they seem to work better. I am old school wood smoker and decided...
  2. S

    Pellet options in Yakima?

    Options that I know of: Traeger - everywhere (Helliesen Lumber has them for under suggested retail) Cabelas pellets Bear Mountain - Smartfood Service (which is also great for meat) Pitboss - Walmart Where do you other locals get their bags? Any higher end pellets around that I haven't found?
  3. Snizzley

    The "healthiest" pellets?

    Hello All- I just got my first Pellet smoker (pit boss 820) and I also purchased the pit boss brand pellets to go with it. I have had trouble finding reliable info on what the pellets are actually made of. Can anyone shed some light on that for me? Also what is the best and most pure pellet...
  4. JimInFla

    Cusinart Pellets?

    Hi All, Has anyone tried the Cuisnart pellets in a Green Mountain smoker? They are now available at WalMart.
  5. N

    Wood Pellets in a propane smoker

    Hi New to the group (just signed up today) I was given a nice propane smoker for my 25th anniversary at work. Very new to the smoker business - so I was wondering... pro's - cons of Chips (I would thing they burn too fast but I'm a newby) Chunks - burns longer Pellets ...
  6. Jeremy Pilger

    Non traeger brand pellets in a traeger grill.

    I was wondering If anyone has ever used non traeger brand pellets in their traeger grill?
  7. Peter Plantec

    Deceptive Labeling on smoker pellets

    If you're a newbie, beware of the deceptive labeling on smoking pellets. Old timers know that the pellet companies will often label pellets as a flavor wood in large type "Apple" followed by 100% Hardwood. Right there you know you're getting a blend. They will try to persuade you that it's...
  8. mike49107

    Lumberjack Pellets

    I have been reading quite a few posts where people are paying $1 or more per pound for pellets. It also seems that the Lumberjack pellets are fairly popular. I felt the need to pass this information along to those that may be looking for cheaper pellets. "Rural King" and "Big R" has them for...
  9. M

    Masterbuilt MES 35B MB20070210

    My apologies on if I'm posting this in the wrong place. After some failed attempts at trying to smoke various things using our all in one grill, my wife and I decided to purchase an actual electric smoker. We ended up purchasing the MES 35B model for $100 at our local BJ's Wholesale Club. We...
  10. phartin

    GMG Pellets Sticking In Hopper

    I just got a GMG Daniel Boone today. In attempting to use it for the first time, I have 4 times seen the temperature start dropping, only to discover that I'm not getting any pellets into the auger. First time is was a pellet bridge, where there was an empty pocket over the auger, and nothing...
  11. thebig1

    AMNPS & Pellets vs. Creosote

    I've been reading about people talking about using their MES and a pellet tool to generate smoke. A lot are speaking of the continued need to produce TBS as opposed to the white smoke due to creosote. Most MES owners I talk to who use the AMNPS say that there is no need to pull the chip tray...
  12. L

    A-MAZE-N pellets pricing

    Where's the best place/pricing to pickup some A-MAZE-N pellets? I'd love to get them direct from their website, but their shipping costs to the West Coast basically double the price of the item, and the $49 threshold for free shipping is a bit steep for me. I see Home Depot has the free ship...
  13. Leon Berman

    Tasting Like a house fire - what has gone wrong

    I currently run a GMG - approx one year ago, my pellet source closed and I decided to start experimenting with different pellets. I was not happy with the smoke flavor I was getting, so at the same time added a smoke tube to the mix. I tried different brand pellets and different wood...
  14. ross77

    Heating Pellets in a Pellet Smoker

    I saw a thread at Pelletfan about using pellets for wood stoves in a pellet smoker. So I decided to give it a shot. I found 40lb bags of Premium Hardwood Heating Pellets at a local Menards in the Twin Cities for $4. I picked up 2 bags and have used them twice with perfectly fine results. I...